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Comic Book Club

Comic Book Club: Bill Hader & Steve Wacker

Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live) and Steve Wacker (Editor, Marvel Comics) talk about working on “The Short Halloween” together, and what it takes to get a geek reference on SNL.   WATCH THE VIDEO VERSION AT THE NERDIST CHANNEL BY… more

Comic Book Club: This Good Robot

Musical guest This Good Robot hits the stage for the first show of 2013! The Stack: Invincible #99, Hellboy in Hell #2, Adventure Time w/ Fiona and Cake #1, Amazing Spider-Man #700   Week in Geek: - What is Joseph… more

Comic Book Club: Chris Duffy

Chris Duffy, Editor of Fairy Tale Comics, hits the stage to talk about his upcoming (awesome) anthology. Also: you’ll never guess which of Justin Timberlake’s wives Pete used to play volleyball with.   Check out the website at… more

Comic Book Club: Matt Little

Comedian Matt Little joins us back in New York to wrap-up San Diego Comic-Con 2012, as well talk a little Dark Knight Rises, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more! This Week’s Stack: Batman #11, The Walking Dead #100, Uncanny X-Force #… more

Comic Book Club: Craig Rowin

Craig Rowin, star of Adult Swim’s Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, joins the boys to discuss bad TV! THE STACK: Batman Inc #9, Hack/Slash #25, East of West #1, Fatale #13   WEEK IN GEEK: - It’s… more

Comic Book Club: Bob Walles

Bob Walles, host of The Moon Show, joins the first show of the New Year to discuss replacing alcohol addiction with comic book addiction. Plus, reviews of Locke & Key: Alpha #2, Origin II #1, and Bad Blood #1.  … more

Comic Book Club: Andrew Stanton

Andrew Stanton (Director, John Carter) sits down with Justin and Alex to chat about the upcoming film, his move from animation to live action, and how the original stories inspired a certain Man of Steel! Plus, you can win tickets… more

Comic Book Club: EPICS Anthology

Fernando Ruiz (Archie Comics), Fabio Redivo (Hell Yeah!), and Anthony Marques (The Gutters), from the new indie anthology EPICS, hit the stage, and one of them may have a terrifying secret! Actually, one of them was the original Booth-Man. The… more

Comic Book Club: Alan Starzinski

Comedian Alan Starzinski stops by to fill in the guys about what it’s like to be on “reality” show Comic Book Men, and how his Mom keeps setting people up on geeky dates.   Check out the website at comicbookclublive…. more