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Comic Book Club

Comic Book Club: Greg Pak

Greg Pak (Dead Man’s Run, Doctor Strange: Season One) returns to Comic Book Club for his one millionth visit to chat about his “jailbreak from Hell” series, as well as the novel he’s writing on Twitter. Plus, Alex… more

Comic Book Club: David Gallaher + Winston Noel

David Gallaher (The Only Living Boy) and Winston Noel (UCB) join Pete and Alex to chat about self-publishing, and more importantly, CSI. The Stack: Before Watchman: Rorschach #1, Incredible Hulk #12, Bloodshot #2 Week In Geek: - Is there a… more

Comic Book Club: Jonathan Coulton and Greg Pak

Jonathan Coulton and Greg Pak hit the stage to celebrate the last night of their successful Kickstarter for Code Monkey Save World! Plus, Greg talks about his DC Comics series Batman/Superman, and Jonathan plays an exclusive set!   Check… more

Comic Book Club: Cliff Chiang and Birk O'Halloran

Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman) and Birk O’Halloran (Iconic Wine) discuss Greek Gods and vineyards. Plus info on Captain America: The Winter Soldier and reviews of Action Comics #29, Magneto #1, Moon Knight #1, and Starlight #1.   Check out the… more

Comic Book Club: Bonus: All This Week's Comics

We’re taking a week off to sync up with the brand new video version of the show, so instead enjoy Justin, Pete, and Alex reviewing every single comic that came out the week of March 28th (mostly)! Check out our… more

Comic Book Club: Jordan D. White & Scott Eckert

Marvel Editor Jordan D. White and comedian Scott Eckert return to the show to chat about upcoming Marvel NOW books and more! The Stack: Deadpool #1, Before Watchmen: Moloch #1, Daredevil: End of Days #2 Week in Geek: - The… more

Comic Book Club: Super Graphic With Tim Leong

Tim Leong, author of the new book Super Graphic, returns to the show – and New York! Also: comic books! Reviews! Prizes! More!   Read all about Super Graphic here! Check out the website at to find out… more

Comic Book Club: Ben McCool

This week, writer Ben McCool joins us to talk about his work adapting old video games to comics, and older Russian movies – also to comics. Plus, we’re celebrating our 100,000th download! This Week’s Stack: Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #… more

Comic Book Club: Pat Cassels + The Baby Grand

Pat Cassels from CollegeHumor stops by the stage, as well as musical guest Miguel from The Baby Grand! The Stack: Uncanny X-Men #1, Batman #17, Avengers Arena #4, Hellblazer #300   The Week in Geek: - The Walking Dead is… more