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It’s That Episode


It’s That Episode: Dan Ahdoot/Kickin' It - Breaking Board

Dan Ahdoot (Tonight Show, Super Fun Night) has a dirty little secret: he plays Falafel Phil on Disney’s Kickin’ It. Dan watches an episode of Kickin’ It for the first time in years, tells all about his difficult decision to… more

It’s That Episode: Eddie Pepitone/All in the Family - Series Finale

Eddie Pepitone (The Bitter Buddha) joins Craig to watch the series finale of All in the Family. Eddie and Craig watch while incorrectly assuming that Edith will die. Eddie tries to figure out why Carroll O’Connor did a spin-off and… more

It’s That Episode: Meryl Rowin/Grim Tales - Rumpelstiltskin

Meryl Rowin (illustrator, and Craig’s Wife) watches an episode of Grim Tales hosted by Rik Mayall from Drop Dead Fred (and The Young Ones, of course). Meryl discusses why Rumpelstiltskin is so scary, breaks down the inappropriate made-for-tv-movies she watched… more

It’s That Episode: Henry Zebrowski/Mr. Belvedere - Wesley Gets Molested

Henry Zebrowski (The Wolf of Wall Street, Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell) drops by Craig’s hotel room to watch “The Counselor” episode of Mr. Belvedere, in which Wesley gets molested. Do you really need any more information than that?… more

It’s That Episode: Adam Newman/Small Wonder - The Camping Trip

Adam Newman (Comedy Central) revisits Small Wonder, a 1980s sitcom about a robotic girl created by a family man. Adam and Craig discuss how creepy the show’s concept is, talk about smoking cigars like men, and go into great detail… more

It’s That Episode: Jill Donnelly/Antiques Roadshow - Vintage Rochester

Jill Donnelly (UCB Theatre, The Moth) invites Craig over, makes some dinner and watches a vintage episode of Antiques Roadshow — are you enticed? Jill and Craig put guns to each other’s heads to find out what they should collect… more

It’s That Episode: Thomas Middleditch/Through the Wormhole - Is There a Creator

Thomas Middleditch (HBO’s Silicon Valley) is a gentleman and a dandy who chose to watch the Morgan Freeman narrated Through the Wormhole. Thomas and Craig talk God, the create-tor, brain helmets and computer universes. And, of course, Matt Mira makes… more

It’s That Episode: Jonah Ray/Cheers - My Son, The Father

Jonah Ray (Nerdist, The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail) watches an episode from season 10 of Cheers in which Cliff Clavin tries stand-up. Jonah and Craig talk about older people trying comedy, wonder what a Full House reunion would be… more