Episode 83

You Made It Weird

Live from SF Outside Lands!

You Made It Weird #83: Live from SF Outside Lands!

Holy shit. The weirdest, most uncomfortable episode ever. By far. I mean, buckle up. IT. GETS. AWKWARD. Yeeeeek! With the hilarious Eric Andre (The Eric Andre Show!), Jackie Kashian (Dork Forest podcast!), Jon Glaser (Delocated!) and Brett Gelman (NBCs Go On, Eagleheart!). Soak in the weirdness, then shower afterwards. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF AWKWARDNESS!

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  • Pete I love you and your show but you literally start every single episode with “this is the weirdest show we’ve ever done”. So even though you warned me with this episode I was not expecting not just one but two moments of supreme awkwardness. From two comedians that I adore (although I did suspect it would be from those two).
    I’ve long joked that money is one of the few remaining taboos. I can talk about cunnilingus or fears regarding my sexuality on stage but if I said in a genuine way “I earn $84,000 … how much do you make” that would make people uncomfortable in an interesting way (I have no idea about US$ figures – $84k is a lot right?). And not that specific set of words but talking about money like that but that general idea. I know how many pumps Petey Pants lost his VCard in and know his feelings on anal sex. I’m pretty sure he’d be very uncomfortable if I asked what he was being paid for the Midnight Show.
    But I’m very glad you posted it – it’s fascinating listening to the squirming and “real” in a way you don’t normally to hear (Free Podcast?). And the release of tension built up was almost cathartic.

    Keep up the good work!
    And please release the Janeane Ga-Rolling On the Floor Laughing O episode.

  • Pete, I think what you said was fine. The guest reacted badly to the premise of the show. You weren’t rubbing the fact that you got the e-trade account in his face. He was, in fact, the one who mentioned the “shit-load” of money. He was predisposed to bitterness and could just as easily have dished out some awkward comment back to you in a playful manner. He wasn’t “game” from the get-go, in my opinion.

    Now let’s get Yoda a soda!

  • Glaser definitely overreacted. What a bitter tool he was abou this. Thank God Jackie and Eric tried to lighten it.

    Either way, he can’t get pissed for getting asked a question like this when going on a podacst called “You Made it Weird.” If there’s a strange topic between Holmes and anyone, he’s going to bring it up. On a podcast about weirdness. So decline the podcast invitation. Ridiculous. Glaser effectively lost my respect as a comedic performer.

  • @Nathan Why would he lose your respect? He stayed, gave truthful responses and eventually joked about it. And the eventual jokes were even stronger due to the tension he’d let build. Those are a much harder set of choices than just saying “Oh Pete you weirdo” and moving on. He’s a great and interesting comic performer.

  • Jon Glaser actually Made It Weird. Some people would have preferred he just played along all phony baloney? I’m glad he was honest and made it weird. The show’s not called “You Repressed Your Feelings to Make Everyone Else Comfortable”

  • @nathan , brian, and terry

    calm the f down, omg it was akward on a show called “you made it werid” he expressed his feelings, and was direct about it. Would you rather he not express his feelings, which is the premise of the show.

    And he lost your respect? lol. oh no what will he ever do without the support of Nathan.

  • Jon Glaser is fantastic. Pete wants real responses and brought up some real uncomfortable shit, and that’s how it feels. I also love how Jon addressed it at the end, and explained it.

    That is the premise of the show, but it’s also the risk of really weird stuff “hey, so I’m fucking your girlfriend now. How does that feel?” versus “thoughts on God?”