Episode 80

You Made It Weird

Jason Mantzoukas

You Made It Weird #80: Jason Mantzoukas

An incredible YMIW with the incredible Jason Mantzoukas (The League, Children’s Hospital, The Dictator, comedy!) done mostly in a fake Boston accent because IT’S FUN, THAT’S WHY. such a great guest. please enjoy everything a YMIW should be — thoughtful, funny, deep, and if you’re anything like Pete, you’ll find it fascinating. Hooray, weirdos!

Listen to Jason’s podcast How Did This Get Made?

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  • FANTASTIC show!
    Love Jason, loved the “Benson Interruption” in the beginning, totally related to the innocent, romanticized vision of love and relationships from youth.

  • laughing uncontrollably on public transportation, with everyone staring at me and i could care less. Not gonna lie I would’ve asked why didn’t you just cut out the wet area of the underwear as well! Not close to being done with the episode but it’s easily my new favorite YMIW episode!

  • Man, if i was Jason i would be SO FUCKING PARANOID about getting BLACKOUT drunk and accidentally eating egg, reacting, then dozing off only to DIE in his sleep – THAT SAID, another great episode

  • Jason,
    That underwear story happened to me when I was 24 and working at the Trader Joe’s in La Crescenta. We all carried these box cutters for opening wine cases so I just cut my underwear off and threw them in the bathroom trash. My ex-girlfriend still tells the story. Hilarious. Thanks for making me know that has happened to someone else.

  • FACT: Do not trust any adult 28 or older who says they haven’t shit or almost shit their pants. DON’T JUDGE: sickness, unconsciousness, partying, or being trapped …. happens to everyone guys. BTW … girls don’t poop right?!

  • Loved the episode and cannot wait for part 2. Jason is one of the most underrated comedians out there. He basically steals the show every time. Wether its the League or CBB, dude just has the knack of being the most memorable. I really really wished Pete had asked about his white dress shirt fetish…dude doesn’t seem to wear anything else.
    Being a Kansas City transplant, I hope that stupid airport wasn’t KC cause my friend saw him there around the all star game…fingers crossed.

  • Mr Holmes, I’m sorry you had to be on that podcast with that Karen lady, that was brutal and you didn’t deserve it. (I couldn’t put this comment on the episode it pertains to because it might have hurt her feelings, but I wanted to say something). On a more positive note, that’s a beautiful Boston accent.

  • As funny as “Smuggler Druggler” is, Mark Ws track record is way grimmer. He was charged with attempted murder. Assaulted people (blinded a man) based on race, and verbally assaulted black children. And some “regular” violence shit too.

  • I’ve got to make note that if people think the Boston accents were over the top, then they have never ridden the “T” with a bunch of guys on their way to a sox game. Particularly accurate was the prominence of the “F” word.
    I love it when things get so hilarious that Katie laughs.

  • I hate poop humor and was tuning out a little on the subway when the wet fart convo came up, but then the underwear story and Pete’s crotchless panties comment caused me to burst without warning (much like a wet fart).

  • That wet fart story had me laughing so much I almost got in a car crash!! Its almost like I am not even allowed to listen to this anymore while driving.
    Plus the same questions of doubt and concern happened to me when I had that same kind of fart. I thought I had caught a rare disease or something.
    Clear dookie diarrehea syndrome(CDDS)? I don’t know I was scared too..

  • So, uhh, I’m confused. Great epsiode, but is Gill an actual kid? I’ve heard him mention on podcasts before, but this is the first time I’ve heard his voice.

  • Can I just say: This was the best episode of Making it Weird Times yet. All three of the guests were amazing — Benson was funny, Gil was adorable and Mantzoukas, holy cow. That guy’s amazing. And you didn’t even mention the fact that it was a free podcast, which I appreciated.

    I love you, Peter.

  • This podcast is amazing and really hit home for me. I’m severely allergic to cinnamon and many of Jason’s incidents mirror mine to a T especially with not wanting to bother/worry people during an allergic reaction. It’s so nice to know that someone else is as much as an over-thinker as me that sometimes debilitates decisions in life.

    Such a great podcast, thank you so much! Please have him back on the show.

  • One of the best YMIW episodes. Easily in my top five. Jason Mantzoukas is extremely interesting. It’s not just what he’s telling us, it’s the way he delivers it; he has a very engaging manner. He’s an endless source of amusement.

  • I love Jason Mantzoukas so much. It was super awesome to have the opportunity to listen to him talk about himself–and as in everything he does, he did not disappoint. This episode was fantastic. I’m also glad they didn’t edit out the TJ phone call…