Episode 76

You Made It Weird

Zach Cregger

You Made It Weird #76: Zach Cregger

Yes!! Zach Cregger (The Whitest Kids U Know) is just a delightful guest with whom to make it weird. What a weird way to say a simple thing: he’s hilarious, thoughtful and thoughtfully hilarious. They get deep, they get weird, dare we say they keep it MFing crispy, y’all!

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  • LOVE you guys talking about punk. Especially Zach talking about grind and powerviolence! Freaking out right now.

    I know so many dudes in punk bands who are also comedy nerds.

  • the Winchester Mystery House…it’s in Campbell California. i used to live right up the street. it would be a rad place for a candlelight game of hide and seek…or a balls out paintball fight. whee! double dew no ice yo.

  • Not finished with the episode yet, but I’m dying to know which WKUK sketch Pete wrote. If it isn’t “happy and with your mouth open” then the world will make less sense.

  • so many things in this episode hit me where i live. i grew up in WI and have been to house on the rock on school trips, listen to power violence/grind core as a youth and am a 32 year old in a punk band!

  • About Pete’s socks- Isaac Asimov had a great line:

    “People are entirely too disbelieving of coincidence. They are far too ready to dismiss it and to build arcane structures of extremely rickety substance in order to avoid it. I, on the other hand, see coincidence everywhere as an inevitable consequence of the laws of probability, according to which having no unusual coincidence is far more unusual than any coincidence could possibly be.”

  • I honestly LOVED Miss March and Bucky Larson. Those indie comedies that don’t do so well at the box office never fail to make me laugh. Especially with the comedians I love watching.

  • Really weird, man. I relate with every single thing you guys said. From punk, to jorge ben, to painting, to bitterness towards god..shit. This was super weird. Like listening to my conscience. There are people like me after all!

  • The ‘word of God is unchanging’ can’t be altered by a later statement because it devalues both statements, which then devalues the divinity (credibility) of the entity. The ‘word of God is unchanging’ describes an aspect of God, whereas laws about shellfish and the Sabbath are laws for humans. Changing laws for humans is God’s prerogative, but a law that describes God can’t be challenged by He Himself because then He becomes a paradox, something can’t be reconciled logically. it’s like the other paradox, can God create a rock so big that he can’t carry it? If he can claim to BE unchanging in any respect but then change, he ceases to exist.

  • This was a good episode. The guests seem to be more and more in Pete’s on his wavelength. I did skip most of the poo parts. There are parts of that that will haunt me.

    “I’d love to feel like a fancy fellow.” Most honest justification for first class I’ve heard.


    I… think I’ll be crafting a few small prints to put in my shiny new office in classy nondescript frames that are just out of context YMIW quotes. They just make me giggle and that seems worth it. High five, team.

  • I love punk!

    I identify with these guys because I loved punk a lot in my youth and still love it too. I’m not into ska based punk like Operation Ivy or Rancid. I grew up bitter from whitebread christian upbringing and i love punk, is that the formula for most comedians to follow? I’m an aspiring comedian and I like this podcast because I get exposed to comedians I would have never listened to. Kumail Nanjiana being one of them.

    Pete should talk more about the music he listened to growing up, especially the rebellious kind.

  • I love both Pete Holmes adn Zac Creggar, but I have to agree about the Sam Cooke and crack talk with this episode. Moreover I am disturbed that anyone pro-SHARP would even subscribe to that scenario. Sam Cooke died in 1964, long before the advent of Crack or even freebase cocaine. Moreover, he was a black man identified as entering the hotel with a white woman, which in 60s terms = prostitute. He was justifiably angry with her upon the realization of theft and possibly attempted to take it out on the hotel management. Management got scared and shot him. Given Cooke’s connection to spiritual music, there was some reluctance to reveal the details, but it was still well acknowledged that he wasn’t a saint.

  • I’ve been going through all the YMIW episodes in order since I found this podcast a few months ago. This was my favorite talk about religion, God, and basically the agnostic beliefs that I share with Petey. Loved this episode!