Episode 6

You Made It Weird

Moshe Kasher

You Made It Weird #6: Moshe Kasher

Boy, if you like talking about comedy AND sex, this episode is for you. Definitely NSFW, NSFP (playgrounds), NSFDIACWYIL (driving in a car with your in-laws). NSFC (church). It gets super personal, super sexual and mildly sexy. Sex! Also, drugs. Also, loads of laughs with Pete’s good friend and hilarious comedian Moshe Kasher.

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  • YMIW= Best podcast intro music of all time

    (dear future me: if you run across this comment while googling your email address while bored and lonely, just know that your past You currently has a scab in your nose. put your finger in the left hole real quick and see if its still there)

  • Were people hating on Moshe Kasher in the first place? That’s lame! He is an awesome, hilarious guy. I would even trust him with a baby in the woods (well, the current Moshe at least).

    Pete Holmes, your Jean Luc Picard was fucking hilarious. His fondness for Puerto Rican MILFs reminded me of Patrick Stewart’s cavorting character in American Dad.

  • What podcast were people mean to Moshe Kasher? I love him personally! And this is my favorite episode of You Made It Weird so far. AND My favorite podcast in general only second to Nerdist.

    Keep it crispy Pete Holmes.

  • Aw man, Moshe is a true delight! This podcast keeps getting better and better. I love how it’s such a great mix of comedy and personal stories with large tangents into some super deep religious or philosophical points. Please keep it flowing.

  • Just discovered you Pete and GORGING on these pods to catch up. Liked the Maron episode, but this one was my fave. You and Moshe had a great back and forth, and I love hearing from a fellow ethical pervert. But what happened to the story at the beginning? The fat chick from craigslist? Pete was all “Can we tell them about the craigslist thing? … There was this large girl…” And Moshe was all “She wasn’t just a large girl she was a –” And then boom! Question interruptus and now we’ll never know! Please post it here, man, I’m dying of curiosity. Or have Moshe voice record it and play it and the end of an ep. Tell us that story and all will be perfect with this episode. Keep up the great work man, much appreciated!

  • Whoa this was back when your first album was released? Man I have a ton of catching up to do. (crap now I have the giant urge to listen to all your albums again…)