Episode 46

You Made It Weird

Harris Wittels

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You Made It Weird #46: Harris Wittels

Pete’s buddy Harris W comes by to make it weird about drugs, comedy writing (Parks and Rec, Eastbound and Down), sex, God, the whole shebang. It’s so great, there’s really no need for this intro. PLEASE ENJOY!

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  • The way I heard the sociopath test was that the girl meets a guy at her mom’s funeral and falls in love. the next week, her sister dies. Why?

    The possible answers are she killed her sister because the guy was her sister’s boyfriend. The other possible answer is she killed her sister because she met the guy at a funeral and thought if there was another funeral, she’d see the guy again.

  • Just my two cents, but I’ve dropped acid twice and taken mushrooms multiple times. The worst trip I ever had was on mushrooms.

    I think a common thread between people who tell acid stories is that they tend to exaggerate the everloving fuck out of them, probably because of the reputation LSD has. In my experience, the feeling was pretty much identical to psilocybin (mushrooms). The only real difference I noticed was that the acid trip was longer, slightly more intense, and much more focused.

    Also, if you’re spooked by the whole “you can have a flashback” thing, it’s an urban myth. There’s no science to support that.

  • So, as someone who has a lot of sympathy with the whole nonmonogamy thing, I think it’s important to point out that nonmonogamy does not necessarily equal a ton of sexual partners. You can want a wife, a life partner, and a family and kids — just with more than one person. Most of us do want commitment and emotional intimacy; it’s not just a desire to fuck around.

  • Pete, you’ve never seen Six Feet Under? What the fuck, man?

    In a 24-hour period I read about a guy strangling puppies for art and I heard this, and I am literally more outraged about this. Get your shit together. What the fuck.

  • Loved this! Love Harris Wittels!

    Glad I’m not the only the only one who isn’t rushing to own a home (despite what my accountant advises), Pete.
    Fuck smart investments, I like the fact that a light went out in my kitchen last week and it was replaced within an hour via a call to maintenance. Left to my own devices, It would not have been replaced for months. I don’t like ladders, nor do I have a desire to figure out what fancy bulb I need to buy at the store.

  • Here’s some weird to piggy back a bit on Harris’ bit about churching…
    There was an article in the early 2000’s (I think; I read it some time ago, and am also paraphrasing) which stated that modern day clubs and shows (also live sports) fill a basic need humans have to be part of a group think event.

    This was previously satisfied by regular church attendance, but especially revival events, that were much larger and more energetic/frenetic than typical services.

    Also, the part of your brain that is satisfied/excited by shopping is the same part we used to use for hunting food. That was a total aside.