Episode 36

You Made It Weird

Duncan Trussell

You Made It Weird #36: Duncan Trussell

Duncan Trussell (The Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast, comedy, the multiverse) is one of the most interesting people Pete has ever met and after Pete’s appearance on his podcast, Pete couldn’t wait to get him on YMIW. And it. Gets. REAL WEIRD. Please enjoy!!

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  • Great episode as always! I just wanted to say in response to Duncan needing to debate Kumail or TJ on “coincidences are bullshit” to me it sounds like they’re in agreement on the topic. Whether you say coincidences are your brain finding patters or are outward reflections of an internal state of being they still come from inside you and not the universe putting things in order for you. Perhaps the only difference is whether you choose to perceive coincidence as gorgeous or just a trick (I think it can be a gorgeous trick).

    I hope any of that made sense!