Episode 29

You Made It Weird

Greg Fitzsimmons

You Made It Weird #29: Greg Fitzsimmons

Pete sits down with podcast/comedian giant Greg Fitzsimmons for an incredibly hilarious and incredibly useful discussion on anger, honesty, rage, sex, marriage, god, kids, comedy, philosophy and… what else is there? Get into it, you weirdos!!!

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  • I came for the Chelsea interview, I stayed to wait to hear Pete finally come out of the closet (jk), and I shall always stay for episodes like Greg’s. I seriously never thought I’d say this because I have such a long list of podcasts I love and live to hear, but this might have just moved to the top. And the relistenability matches Doug’s. Crazy talk I tell you!

    Keep it crispy Petey.

  • “Really? NUMBERS?!?!”



    “It became a domino effect.”
    “That HAPPENS?!”
    “ON THE 50 YARD LINE?!?!?!?!”
    “YOU OPENED WITH ANAL?!?!?!?!?!”
    “NO!!! THIS HAPPENS?!?!?!?!?!?!”

    “NO! YOU’RE BATMAN!!!”


    “It’s your testosterone! You’re grabbing people out of cabs! You’re shaving your wife’s pussy!”

    “He found your Sad Button.”

    “I think we talked about this, ‘cuz I like boobs too!”

    Pete, those were all pretty much the best exclamations ever. But the best quote of the episode goes to Greg:

    “You know what? I gotta go. I gotta friend who I respect out front who’s a man, and I have to go treat him with dignity.”

    Greg’s a sharp cookie.

  • “It is wrongly supposed that the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’ implies an eternal struggle among members of the species from which only the strongest (that is, most competitive) emerge victorious.

    Actually fitness in the biological sense refers only to the capacity to produce surviving offspring who in turn live to reproduce…it becomes clear that the tendency to cooperate contributes far more to fitness than any competitive inclination. Raising offspring for early animal-humanity was a difficult undertaking, and only those who could work effectively with others were likely to succeed.”

    (Baby/young humans are not “fittest” they are pretty much all vulnerable for years and likely took cooperation of early humans to protect,feed,continue the species.)

    It is unnecessary to use god to explain altruism (even within a “survival of the fittest” framework, cooperative and altruistic genes can be selected for if they were more successful).

  • A delightfully “wierd” and raunchy edition of this always-fun podcast! I could clearly picture Pete squirming in his chair as Fitz made things weirder and weirder, BRAVO!

    I’ve begun using the term “Salty” in my day to day conversation. All your fault Pete.