Episode 214

You Made It Weird

Dave Hill

You Made It Weird #214: Dave Hill

Dave Hill makes it weird!

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  • I really think the events leading up to and taking place at the Sing sing comedy show should be turned into a film. I love that story! New fan of Dave Hill.

  • Never would of guessed that I would love this episode as much as I did and I never heard of the guy! Laughed my ass off on their take on UFC. And I am obsessed with fighting/martial arts haha

  • I’m a fan of the show.  From a woman’s perspective, this is a weird episode in terms of attitudes towards sex/women.  The chatter about women happens in a way that somehow makes them seem more like objects to act upon than thinking feeling people. Even gay men must hate having to listen to us! Good thing you can learn how to make a Fee Fee on YouTube.

  • @Pete: What you said about being nervous to take your girlfriend to a music festival? Remember, that’s how women feel all day, every day, no matter where they go.

  • @Pete: Also, you took the hypothetical situation of a woman being sexually assaulted in a bar and made it all about how it makes YOU feel, and what it means for YOUR life. As if it were an affront specifically to your masculinity. When in reality, how you feel doesn’t matter in the least because you’re not the victim, she is. And you shouldn’t worry about what you’re doing for your own sake, you should worry about what you would do to help the woman. Calling the police and reporting the sex offender never even crossed your mind. It was “Should I fight this guy for touching my woman, or should I not fight him and be emasculated?”