Episode 2

You Made It Weird

TJ Miller

You Made It Weird #2: TJ Miller

It gets REAL weird with Pete’s longtime friend/movie star/rapper/weirdo T.J. Miller. They get into life-threatening brain surgery and the meaning of life, and T.J. makes Pete feel weird for being a TV writer. But in the best kind of way.

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  • awesome podcast , i heard tj on nerdist and now ymiw . awesome i like that guy .

    btw i loved outsourced i hated the fact it got cancelled :( but we must move on holmes , looking forward for some awesome more episodes.

  • I thought TJ Miller was a tad hypocritical to tell Pete he sells out when he did Yogi Bear 3 effn D. TJ is smart but that one comments I thought was wrong because. What if Pete enjoys it.

    TJ got mad when hispters asked him why he did Yogi bear, but gave Pete shit about outsourced. Outside of that good interview, and I do like TJ and will watch more of his work.

  • I loved this episode TJ was so great.. I always liked TJ but really didnt know that much about him. I now know why he just has a great out look on life… Pete love the podcast its looks like its going to be one of my favs. I would love to see you, TJ and Kumail (I loved that interview too) all on one show sounds like you guys all would have great chemistry. think about..


  • Great episode! Love the rapping at the end. Pete I gotta tell ya: when I started listening to your podcasts I thought you were kind of a prude. Well I still think that. But! Goddammit it works for you. I am ashamed to say I looked down on your dorky religiosity and sheltered life. But now I see how much good there is in you and that you actually really do have an edge. It’s the best kind of edge! You are one of the most open-minded and curious and good and caring people. Honestly: yours is the best podcast on Nerdist. Please keep them coming!!!

  • Great podcast!

    I would sincerely like to thank you and TJ Miller (and Kumail Nanjiani for that matter) for an amazing conversation. I was raised Christian and began to question my beliefs in college and ended up with a degree in Philosophy. The hardest thing I ever did was tell my Mother I was not Christian any more. After graduation I immediately joined the military (USCG) and though what I learned in college shaped me, I have been oddly intimidated to return to it. This conversation touched everything within me that led me to Philosophy, and has led me back to it.

    I’m a bit of a comedy nerd but try not to be weird about it. I failed this time. I just wanted to send you a sincere thank you. Your podcast reached me in a cool way and I wanted you to know that. I’m a fan of your entire cache so far and look forward to #3 and beyond. Side note: You’re a great stand up and its been nice hearing you on other podcasts!

  • […] If I could send you to Frankie J’s to watch T.J. perform a set eight years ago I would, because I can’t imagine a better introduction. It’s too bad I can’t, but at least we have the internet. For the longest time I was always dissatisfied by what youtube had to offer with respect to T.J., but recently I found this gem. It comes the closest of anything out there to capturing the magic of those early sets. Almost entirely improvised, the stage is his playground. Also great is his account of a near-death experience he had while filming Yogi Bear 3D. And his Japanese talk show Gorburger could very well be the best use there is of the internet. The lengths he goes to conceal in absurdity his thoughtfulness and intelligence is a performance in and of itself, but that makes the moments where he slows down even more enlightening. If you enjoyed those clips above, check out the relaxed interview he had on the podcast You Made It Weird. […]