Episode 198

You Made It Weird

Ben Schwartz

You Made It Weird #198: Ben Schwartz

Ben Schwartz (House of Lies! Parks and Recreation! UCB!) makes it weird!

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  • I really like him from podcasts. I really hated House of Lies but he makes me want to give it another chance. The way he talks is so funny, he’s great.

  • love the idea of having a scientist on the show! huge comedy nerd here, but people are multifaceted and hearing someone with expertise in a different interesting field would be awesome.

  • Hey! I’m a fan of Parks and Rec but never too much about Ben Schwartz and I’m glad Pete did this podcast with him. That kid seems like a good character and has a refreshing personality. Love this episode!

  • This was a really great episode, Ben was an amazing guest! I also love the idea of having a scientist on. Neil Degrasse Tyson and Cara Santa Maria have done other Nerdist podcasts…

  • Great episode! Ben Schwartz might be the greatest YesAnd-er I’ve ever heard. He ended up interviewing Pete the whole time because he was genuinely YesAnd-ing everything Pete said. That practice speaks volumes to me about his personality…

    Oh, and singing the Pete Holmes song after the Bill Waterson thing? Genius. This episode was only two hours and I felt like they barely scratched the surface. Keep these great guests coming!

  • Great podcast. Benny Schwaz is hilarious.

    On the quantum physics and alternate realities discussion, I believe it’s more of a hyperbolic example to say there are multiples of us where one reality has choice A and another has choice B. My understanding of the multiverse is that there’s no reason to say there is a finite number of universes in a multiverse, so mathematically speaking we say there are infinite universes within the multiverse. So with an infinite amount of universes, it’s possible that two separate universes are completely identical up until a point where one has Benny’s car getting t-boned and another where his car doesn’t start that day. With the theorized infinite amount of universes, this current reality we live in has an equally probable chance of existing as another with a slight difference, but we are locked in to this universe.

  • I met Ben when I lived in NYC, we were extras in a movie called Alchemy. He was extremely nice and funny, you just had that feeling that the dude was going places :) love to see him succeeding!

  • I thought the funniest thing about this episode was the fact that Ben ACTUALLY made it weird. Despite the name of the podcast, Pete always navigates potentially awkward moments really well–partly since he is totally unabashed. But it was hilarious to hear Pete’s awkwardness when Ben asked about how much money he was making from hosting, eTrade. It was clear he really honed in on Pete’s soft spot, his fontanelle.

  • all that elisa lam talk made me curious so i went on reddit and someone said this..

    There is nothing wrong with her. The elevator is in service mode and you need to keep the close button down until the door fully closes. She thinks that someone is pressing the button to keep the door open from the outside, hence the peeking out, she returns presses the button again. Device mode in elevators will finally close after several minutes as you will see if you watch the full 4 min video. She is a perfectly normal girl, university UBC students. My heart goes out to her.

    don’t know if that’s true, just thought i’d throw another idea out there. love the podcast!