Episode 177

You Made It Weird

Tig Notaro

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You Made It Weird #177: Tig Notaro

Tig Notaro makes it weird!

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    • Tiffany Heimbluch Maybee,

      in this tediously strange podcast she says that she has being going the natural route, and yet a month before she told Claire Black she was ill from Radiotherapy. A month before that she told Glamour UK that she was on hormone treatments  right after her surgery… How do you explain that?

      Why doesn’t Peter Holmes do a podcast and question her about these INCONSISTENCIES.  By pushing the natural route idea– as the reason behind her health– she literally can kill people.

       Do you not get that? She loves cancer, natural remedies rock, and those who don’t love having cancer are whiners?

      What she’s doing is off the charts cynical and dangerous. Peter Holmes is broadcasting this and I think he’s smart enough to know it’s a scam… Disgusting.

    • When Tig Notaro comes clean about how she viciously set up a talented woman and put her through hell –for her own kicks. And, how then she got Nick Kroll to protect her assets…., she’ll be left alone with her cancer riches. Tiffany Heimbluch Maybee is some freak who pledges allegiance to pathological liars and cancer scammers. She’s scary.

    • She’s not a cancer survivor. She’s a cancer scammer who is funded by Nick Kroll. Peter Holmes knows very well what is up. Or, he’s a total pawn in Kroll’s games.

      • Wow I just saw this pathetic stream of comments from the same woman. Is there an admin on this site that can remove her comments? I guarantee all of these are coming from the same IP address. She has harassed Tig for years. 

  • In this episode she tells Peter Holmes that she’s starting up hormones in a few weeks…. she talks of strutting around nude with her cancer scars and how there are witnesses. There are no scars and only a faked girlfriend care of Nick Kroll — A Stephanie Allyne. A month before she spoke to Holmes, she told another that she had started those hormone treatments a year and a half before… then she told another she has radiotherapy and was ill…

  • Brian leaves actionable slander to protect a sociopath like Tig Notaro…. What is that about, Brian? James Polymer speaks the truth as does Alisa.
    Tig Notaro,Nick Kroll, and Stef Willen started something that will never go away until Tig Notaro is revealed as the gutless psycho she is. Brian, how can you explain Notaro’s bizarre defense of Lance Armstrong in Mother Jones in time for his “comeback.” ? And, Brian, how do you explain Lance Armstrong’s bizarre push of Notaro’s mysteriously taped set in Texas Monthly?

    And, what about the funded Kickstarter on the same exact day as her set- she pocketed 10 k and had no intention to follow through. What a prize.
    Brian, what about the fact that Notaro never gave a cent to cancer charities, despite Louis CK’s promises on his website? The Nerdist is well named- a bunch of ass kissing little nerds who will delete defenses to slander. And, who will assist a deranged nut job like Notaro with not just a stalker scam, but a kickstarter, and cancer scam.

    God bless, James Polymer and Benjamin.

  • I’m not sure exactly where Travesty got her mis-information from, but Alisa is certainly not a “stalker” of any sort. She has only ever mentioned Tigs & Co. after they started heaping accusations on her. I have viewed every piece of evidence I can find, and may say on authority that Tig Notaro’s stories (I say “stories” because they seem to change with every testimony) are nothing more than slanderous lies.

    Notaro and her “soul-mate” set out to ruin an innocent girl’s reputation, and rest assured, they have succeeded. Alisa has been forced to flee her own hometown to get away from the harassing phone calls, anonymous threats, and rocks thrown through her windows. Notaro & Co. gleefully dragged her through the mud…and the worst part is, people are lapping it up like decaf mocha.

    It sounds terrible to say so, but I view her diagnosis of cancer–if not a figment of her imagination–as a form of karmic justice.

  • Can anyone point me in the direction of the “In the Motherhood” episode with Tig & the messy meatball sandwich? I really want to watch it with her story in mind.

  • Love Tig and I’m glad she’s happy, but I wish I hadn’t listened to this episode. They seemed to be pushing that poisonous idea that everyone’s gotta find their “soulmate” or else they’re settling.

  • Kyle, I don’t think she had a double masectomy. I think she made it up. She did have a viral infection. She is not well in the head. Her stories keep changing.

  • after a show, i asked tig what cancer charities she donated to and she rudely walked away. Ever since, I’ve lost respect for her. I do think this is all a cancer scam. Let’s hope the truth comes out.

  • Hey guys,
    Brian with Nerdist here. All of the overtly negative comments about Tig were coming from only two IP addresses. I’ve removed them and will continue to remove them as necessary.

  • Hey Pete.

    During this conversation I stepped out back for a cigarette. Let me back up. I’ve been housesitting for my parents in rural Nova Scotia and they came home for a few days. Despite being 25, I’m still too cowardly and ashamed to tell them that I like to smoke when I have a few drinks. I chatted with my folks over local IPAs, they went to bed, and then I started listening to do some dishes and tidy up. I stepped out the back door to have a cigarette with my last beer of the night. You and Tig were talking about how relationships can make you see no more coincidences. At that very moment a deer emerged from the woods and started to eat apples from the tree. This isn’t an altogether unusual event. But the deer saw me, and we shared one of those moments. It was surreal and magical and maybe a bit inspired thanks to those smooth yet balanced IPAs. Loved the conversation, love you and Tig, can’t wait to hear more from you in any medium. All the best, friend.

  • the talk of dying of laughter reminded me of the story of Chrysippus. He was an ancient Greek stoic philosopher who famously supposedly died in a drunken fit of laughter while watching a drunk donkey eating figs.

  • It was so painful to listen about treating cancer with diet and vitamins! I love Tig so much. I hope she and Pete will learn about dangers of that kind of thinking. Alternative medicine and raw food don’t cure you. Please, don’t do harm to yourself. And to the others! When you talk about it like that, other people can hear you. And they may believe in what you say. I don’t want to sound dramatic, but you can be resposible for someone death. Please, I beg you, don’t spread such theories. I hope nobody will get harm.

  • Ditto Alex, viriatus, Gibson and skepticismisimportant. Recent research has found that super-dosing on vitamins actually increases chances of mortality among cancer patients (research in general population studies currently underway). It turns out our body uses free radicals and over-dosing on antioxidants isn’t helpful even if it’s a nice idea. As for the Steve Jobs case, he actually had a neuroendocrine tumor (a highly-treatable and mild form of cancer) that was caught early. But as a skeptic of conventional medicine, he chose to pursue alternative treatments for perhaps as long as 2 years before turning to allopathic medicine at which point the cancer had progressed to the point that he required a Whipple procedure, removing his pancreas and duodenum. See:

    Petey-Pants I know you enjoy challenging yourself and your beliefs, so I encourage you to read “Do You Believe in Magic?” By Paul Offit MD head of the Division of Infectios Disease at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. It concerns alternative medicine and the nutrichemical industry.

    I enjoyed the talks even if the pseudoscience makes me squirm. The ghost of latter-day Linus Pauling continues to haunt us (*nerd high five).

  • Pete usually doesn’t include any show notes at all besides “[Insert celebrity's name here] makes it weird!”

    Does anybody know the names of those documentaries they were talking about?

    • Tig has two women that show up on every website where she’s mentioned and go nuts.  They create several different usernames and reply to themselves.  It’s easy to spot once you start to look at the phrasing and words they use.
      Check out YouTube for “Tig Notaro’s notorious stalking siblings speak out” to get a better idea.  Don’t watch too long or you might lose your mind.

      • Tig Shows up on every website she’s mentioned and tries to promote herself and her cancer scam. If others catch on she gets everything deleted. She’ notorious on a message board called Datalounge. That is where I learned of her.

        Nick Kroll is bankrolling her career and he has set her up with the press to promote the cancer that she never had. He also set her up with cops and lawyers when she defamed for kicks.

        That’s scary. Don’t try to insult the messenger, ZD. It makes you look stupid.

  • @Dorothy Mantooth See Ray Kurzweil who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at 35 years of age. Kurzweil then found a doctor (Terry Grossman, M.D.) who shares his non-conventional beliefs to develop an extreme regimen involving hundreds of pills (vitamins), chemical intravenous treatments, red wine and various other methods to attempt to live longer. Since then, he has been free of type II diabetes for the past twenty years.

    Being cured means:
    1. Relieve (a person or animal) of the symptoms of a disease or condition: “he was cured of the disease”.
    2. Eliminate (a disease, condition, or injury) with medical treatment.

    Thus type 2 diabetes was cured.

  • @Travesty — You need to educate yourself on the types of diabetes and what causes/exacerbates them. Type 1 = your body straight up can’t produce insulin to control your blood sugar. Type 2 = you are insulin RESISTANT. DIABETES IS NOT CURABLE. No one has invented a way to enable a diabetic’s pancreas to make its own insulin.

    Of course you can control your blood sugar through diet and exercise. DuhDOY. But that’s not CURING the cause of diabetes.

  • What Gibson and skepticismisimportant said. All the pseudo-medical assertions made me cringe-y. However I take a modicum of comfort from the fact that at least Pete peppers his comments with verbal “fine print”; admitting that he’s out of his depth on the topic and acknowledging that he is prone to suggestion.

  • To jump on the nutrition bandwagon, you shouldn’t be afraid of an ingredient because it has a weird, long name. Any fruit or vegetable you can grow in a backyard garden is going to have a gazillion different compounds with complicated scientific names. It’s the effect of those ingredients- at the doses that they will be consumed by people- that are important.

    It’s even true of niacin. You probably aren’t hurting anything but your wallet by taking a thousand milligrams a day, but higher doses *do* run the risk of liver and pancreatic damage.

  • @skepticismisimportant to be fair, Steve Jobs was in a very late and dangerous stage of cancer. He was in Stage 4 I believe. So…unfortunately, without treatment, he had no chance. :/

  • I was worried about this one! I thought Tig was private and Pete is so “BLAAAAAAAM!” But after listening, to quote Pete, “I filled my pants with shame diarhhea” Great episode. SO good!

  • @Mike

    He isn’t spouting nonsense. There is science validity to his statements. I suggest you check out what a Raw Food Diet can do. It’s really not easy to do, and most people would prefer to take a pill before changing their diet — but there are huge benefits.

  • Love Pete and the podcast, that being said I wish Pete would stop spouting nonsense in regards to health and science. It always gets my blood boiling ( Diet Coke = Exploding Brain Cells, Curing Cancer with Diet ) and I think it can verge on being dangerous if someone took his “facts” as truth. Still love the pod, Good luck with the show.

  • Thanks to the above person.

    There was this pretty famous dude called Steve Jobs who thought he could cure his cancer with alternative medicine and a raw foods diet. He’s dead now!

    If eating raw foods was able to cure you of cancer…why can’t anybody prove it? In fact, why can’t anybody prove there’s ANY good reason to eat all your food raw? It’s the same thing with all this shit. Why can’t anybody PROVE IT? When you prove that something works it isn’t “alternative medicine” anymore…it’s just called medicine.

  • I love the show and I love Tig!

    But, for what it is worth, the middle section about vitamin intake and someone “curing” his cancer with food made me squeamish. While I recognize the benefits of doing something positive to feel some sense of control in life, there are certainly a lot more things involved than this. With niacin, for instance, a connection between niacin DEFICIENCY and cancer does not mean that taking 1000′s of mg of niacin will ward it off. (Pete, this is also why your super vigilant vitamin regime didn’t cure your cold, even after weeks). In fact, there is evidence ( that elevated niacin intake can contribute to liver inflammation, which could be particularly harmful to someone who might already have liver issues resulting from alcoholism.

    I don’t mean to come off as too soapbox-y, but listening to well-meaning but under-researched documentaries isn’t sufficient evidence when deciding what to shovel into your body. I was once told that “if you are vigilant about your diet, most vitamin supplements only create expensive urine”. Of course, that is a big “if”. And because I am a hypocrite, I regularly take a multivitamin, knowing that my diet isn’t as carefully considered as it should be.

    I just don’t like to think of well meaning friends recommending a potentially harmful course of action based on the word of some joker on a netflix documentary.

  • Jesus Tig is just one of the best. Truly a treasure. Here are a few things you guys mentioned I thought I’d help with:

    If what you’re describing works like Skype, then having things typed into the box but never sent makes the text message think it as being typed for the duration the letters are present but unsent. This means typing part of a sentence and just never sending or clearing the box will keep the “person is writing” message up. That’s a guess on how it might work for whatever messaging service you are using. I’m a data magician so I should know how to technology.

    Also I think you guys were talking about “Dancer in the Dark” or something from the live episode with Tig. I still need to watch that!