Episode 171

You Made It Weird

Luka Jones

You Made It Weird #171: Luka Jones

Luka Jones (Best Friends Forever! Up All Night! Comedy!)) makes it weird!

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  • I think the place with the “oddities” Pete was talking about is the House on the Rock in Wisconsin. He’s mentioned it before on a previous ep and said he spent about 4 hours there looking at all the stuff inside.

    I’ve passed it numerous times but never knew what it was until that ep.

  • “you’d make a great dad” YES this is why a lot of people with kids are miserable and then their kids are miserable all the other times when dad isn’t fun

  • @Jaron yeah that’s gotta be it. That’s the only thing that Luka is in recently that is directed by Spike and has Joaquin in it. Gotta admit I’m confused by the trailer but I’ll go see it if I can glimpse ol’ Petey pants. Great YMIW btw!

  • Love this episode. So engaging.

    I do find it amazing at the end when you and Luka talk about how much the van was important for that movie, when a bus (pretty much the same thing) is the focal point of Into the Wild. Crazily full circle.

    [wayne’s world voice]: WOAAAHHHHHHHH

  • Here’s another thought on the no god thing you talk about on a lot of your podcast. What if your body is like a vessel that your consciousness drives, you have control over your body but your body can get hurt or start to fail, but your consciousness in still intact, it just can’t control the body like it’s used to.

    It’s like a car and it’s driver, the car being your body and the driver being your consciousness. The car could get a flat tire and the driver would still be functional, but would not be able to run the car the same until the tire was fixed, like a broken limb or illness. The car could get totaled but the driver would still exist without the car and could move onto another car. It terms of god, I would say move to another vessel in another realm, like heaven if that’s what you believe.

    I hope this makes sense and doesn’t seem crazy!
    Love the podcast, love your laugh, love your guests, keep up the great work!

  • I love it when my podcast fandoms come together!

    There’s an old episode of “Skeptoid” called “How to Spot Pseudoscince.” Brian Dunning lists fifteen questions any non-scientist could ask themselves if some “study” is setting off their B.S. detector. Luka asked one of them, namely “Who did the study?” You should also call B.S. on any claims that talk about “energy” as if it were a noun rather than a unit of measurement OR that says something is “all natural” as if that’s automatically a good thing (hint – hemlock is “all natural” as well).

    “Stuff You Missed in History Class” recently did an episode called “Phineas Gage” about the guy who survived for eleven years after a metal spike shot through his skull (see link below). Apparently he DID have a slight change in his personality, though not as big as legend has it.

    @Joelene – I have a similar theory, that everything that makes us US from birth is contained between our ears in eight pounds of jelly and it pilots these great, huge vertical meat vessels – I like that phrase, “VERTICAL MEAT VESSELS” – around. I’ll add to that how the VMVs can influence our brains/minds/consciousness/souls based on how people treat us due to the VMV’s appearance. For example, I’m willing to bet I get treated MUCH differently as a short, white, female living in early 21st century Ohio than I would have if I were a tall, black male living in 18th century Alabama. I probably getting treated WAY different than Ole Petie Pants simply based on our height difference (I’m five foot three). So our bodies play SOME role in who we are, but not as big as our noggins do.