Episode 152

You Made It Weird

Rob Bell

You Made It Weird #152: Rob Bell

Our first non-comedian guest ever, pastor and author of Love Wins and What We Talk About When We Talk About God Rob Bell, makes it wonderful and weird. Between comedy, sex, and God, you can guess which topic gets the most airtime. Enjoy, weirdos!!

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  • This gets me so excited holy crap. I really can’t believe how great this was, really grateful for everyone involved so thanks Pete, Rob, and Katie. I’m gonna buy Love Wins for sure.

  • as a native of grand rapids, michigan, this idea of this episode initially almost made me groan, but I gave it a try

    I’m giving it a listen though; so far so good

  • I’m an agnostic, but I’m a big fan of Rob’s. Can’t remember exactly how that happened, but we’re all weirdos here so fuck it. Nice to hear him get to relax and have a conversation. No interviewer playing gotcha games or cataloging controversies. Thanks, Pete. I’d love to hear you guys talk again sometime.

  • I’ve never read any of this guys work and when he states “if its true it belongs to god” and Pete agrees with him instantly. Why is that statement true? Pete don’t just agree with him, what is the reasoning behind that.

  • Still enjoyed the episode, despite being a deeply cynical atheist. I like Rob and how he stirs up the pot of Christianity. Was a little put off by the casual dismissal of atheism as a ‘certainty’ and requiring ‘faith’ but, hey. Common misconceptions.

  • this is one of the best episodes to date!

    As a Christian, I’ve definitely thought about and studied everything that was covered. I can’t say I agree with *all* of Rob’s conclusions, but most of them I’ve come to myself.

    Very thought-provoking, and thank you Pete for being open to this discussion :-)

  • Good convo. I especially liked the part about quantum physics and stuff. Made me think about my own beliefs a lot. I guess deep down it is about meaning more than facts. Can’t wait for the show in Bloomington, IN.

  • Rob talks a bit about how beautiful it can be for people when the story of Christ really speaks to them. I can dig that & be happy for them, but for lots of us, that phenomenon doesn’t make up for other things in the Bible that are horrible. I would love to hear Bill Maher have a friendly debate with Rob…great show, Pete–thanks so much!!

  • Loved this episode so much. I’ve followed Bell for a long time and it’s rare to hear him just bs with someone without a lot of pretention. This was an amazing discussion and I would love to hear you guys talk more! Shit, I’d pay to hear you guys talk more.

  • I am not religious, but this discussion provoked a contemplation of the nature of our life in this universe transcending religion(though religious people would of course argue not).
    I am developing a very strong suspicion that all religions are badly describing the exact same exquisitely simple thing. Furthermore the rules, rituals, taxonomy and intricate debates that we attempt to attach to this thing is utterly laughably misplaced and redundant. We have observed *in abundance* how much hatred and divide all of that creates so it ought to be obviosu by now that, if there is a point at all, then we’re horribly missing it with all of that crap. I agree with his belief that there is no hell in the classical punitive Dante-esque sense, and I wonder if how we live our lives directly dictates the nature of what follows; not in a “god punishing sinners” context, but a “you get the after-life you built” context. If these things were to be true, then some modern-day religious teachings about sin and hell and ritual are flawed to the point of being toxic, and good intentions aren’t going to help you one bit if you missed the point.
    But like I say it’s nothing more than a personal suspicion based on life, observation, a psychedellic experience and visceral intuition.

  • Why am I not surprised that an expert on Christianity was on and atheism was slandered some more? Please somebody explain to Pete and Rob what we atheists actually fucking believe instead of this garbage about certainty and the faith atheism requires.

  • The comments from the atheist confirm my suspicion that I am not comfortable listening to this episode. I know I shouldn’t judge something before I listen to it but as soon as Pete said he was a pastor I knew the direction this episode would go and immediately felt anxiety about it. Sorry Pete, I am going to skip this one.

  • @Pete Holmes – Before I listen to this podcast…THANK YOU for that amazing show at The Grog Shop last night! You, Chris Thayer and Ramon Rivas brought your A games and the crowd was totally with you! BTW, please podcast Ramon some day if you haven’t already since he’s single-handedly creating spaces for comedy in Cleveland.

    For everyone else, here’s some pics from that amazing night. FYI, Pete is just as sweet in person as he is on the podcast. He’s the kind of person you want to tuck in while wearing footie pajamas!

    Here’s our hero giving autographs outside the Grog Shop:

    Here’s the hug I got from him (FYI, he’s six foot six and I’m five foot three):

    Here he is with Hubby, who made the comment, “You’re three inches bigger than me.” There was a bawdy joke in there, but I let it pass:

    And here’s Chris Thayer:

    Autograph from Petie-Pants!

    Again, REALLY enjoyed the show!

    Patty Marvel
    a.k.a. “Screaming Girl”

  • I’ve been an atheist since I can remember and I came to that conclusion at a very early age on my own. The idea that if we don’t understand something then we rely on faith is just the normal stupid semantics games that people play. Just because *you* don’t know how a plane stays in the sky doesn’t mean your ‘faith’ in it working will keep it up in the sky, nor does not having ‘faith’ in the principles of aerodynamics and physics mean the plane will drop from the sky like a rock. that’s the difference. Faith is just something we use to comfort ourselves in relation to the things we do not understand. Sure, we may not know every thing there is to know in the universe, but if we did that’d be fucking boring wouldn’t it?

    Personally, I don’t get why the idea of no God is so scary. The idea that every action of the universe from the big bang through the formation of all the stars in the sky, to our own planet, to evolution down through the billions of years has come together in a random set of points to create beings that identify as you and I? That’s something to look upon with awe, especially if it truly is ‘random’ and a result of seemingly improbable chance. For me, it makes this life even more precious and worthy of pursuing knowledge and understanding while one has the chance. We don’t need religion or god to give us compassion or good behaviour, such things are in all our own best interest by default.

    • I am not sure you listened to this talk ? ANYWAY Evolution is not random, it seems more like precise trial and error to me…natural selection. Kind of like a scientific experiment….but really ? that’s an odd way to look at it (not saying wrong) the world is random and we are lucky to be part of this random masterpiece ? Hmmmm, i dunno, that scares me even more. I would give up on life, what’s the point of being good and learning and helping others if its all random anyway hahahahaha !!! As a christian or a spiritual person i feel there is a purpose to life and experiencing life on this earth! But that does not mean i am going to go around converting people if they are doing that already without having a religion !