Episode 148

You Made It Weird

Live from Moontower!

You Made It Weird #148: Live from Moontower!

It’s YMIW live from the Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas! With Moshe Kasher, David Angelo, Morgan Murphy, Dom Irrera, and Greg Fitzsimmons!

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  • The best part of the live episodes is that Pete always insists on playing the theme song a second time. “Okay everyone, pretend that the last 10 minutes didn’t just happen.” :-)

  • The Dom Irrera bit wasn’t so bad, maybe because of the warning or maybe because he was clearly just dropping naughty words to get a reaction as opposed to saying them from a hateful place?

    LOVED the panel’s riffing on Petie Pant’s parents. I don’t know why, but those zings were my favorite part of the show.

    As for what would make a person fight a stranger, I’ve gotta agree with Morgan Murphy – a social injustice would set me off. I’ve actually intervened in one domestic disturbance and another that turned out NOT to be a domestic disturbance (the screaming in the next apartment was due to the neighbor’s friend seeing a spider, not a visit from the psycho ex-boyfriend that recently prompted a changing of the locks and keys for our building). Pete, you might not break a bottle, but I’ve no doubt you’d find some way to step up if needed – I was never armed with anything more lethal than a bo staff and I’m nowhere as big as you.

  • This episode was a true font of joy for me. The live ones are always a tapestry of hilarity and (mostly) good will.

    Though I do miss Pete’s gamefly games bit.

  • When I heard David Angelo’s voice without ever seeing his face, I thought he was a 55 year old man in a plaid blazer. then I googled his face. The expectation to reality was like the reverse of every NPR correspondent.

  • Totally forgot about the kamikaze bit with Moshe. I damn near pissed my pants when it got used as a tag on Angelo’s joke. This show was awesome! Moshe should be a regular. Love u Petey Pants! Keep it comin! Just not in my eyes. Folks.