Episode 137

You Made It Weird

Jon Hamm

You Made It Weird #137: Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm (Mad Men!) makes it weird!

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  • This conversation has inspired me to throw away everything in my life, move to New York & finally start following my dream of capturing unauthorized candid photos of Jon Hamm’s dick.

  • Jesus, what a great episode. The Hammer! makin’ it weird and just “droppin’ science” on us all. Such a great speaking voice, I understand now how he did teach public speaking and acting. I’d love to see John Slattery on YMIW. Make it happen Petey Pants

  • Just so you know pete, is available, one of your weirdo fans should buy it and put up a page that just says “You’re doing well, Jon.”

  • Sadly, I knew EXACTLY what Jon Hamm was talking about when he mentioned Dick Van Dyke’s terrible British accent in “Mary Poppins.” Here’s a clip of him speaking, though the song “Jolly Holiday” would REALLY drive the point home if I could only find it:

    @Pete Holmes – This may make it WAY too weird, but have you thought about interviewing your mom for the podcast? Chris Hardwick interviewed his dad and posted it for Father’s Day last year. You’ve often brought up your mom and how close the two of are…maybe interview her for a Mother’s Day special? Just a thought.

  • Alec Baldwin buying your table dinner is OK. It’s like, “Oh, that was nice of him”.

    Alec Baldwin buying your table mozarella sticks is pure genius. Not only is it intentionally specific, but it’s also an odd and noteworthy thing to order. If he sent you a bottle of wine it would boring. But mozarella sticks? It’s hilarious.

    And not only that, but it’s a totally baller move! I mean think about it, Alec Baldwin GAVE you that story. He didn’t just buy you food, he gifted you an anecdote. Because he knows he has the power to give you a story that you will always tell to your friends, because he is Alec Baldwin. That is truly a baller move.

    p.s. Hamm & Buble is one of my all-time favorite SNL sketches. The idea is funny, the puns are funny, but the total commitment of both Jon and Michael Buble is what puts it over the top.

    Jon’s delivery when he shifts into D-Drapes mode to say the line “You are on the thinnest of ice” ? The way he stares daggers through Michael Buble, who shrinks down to the size of a mouse? Couldn’t be more perfect.

  • Oh how perfect a You Made It Weird with Katie???
    @sam I’m glad I’m not the only one who knows her as Blaster Girl!

    I third the idea of Pete interviewing his Mom.

    I hope Pete is having fun down under….and by that I mean Australia!! ;-)

  • Pete,

    Please stop saying that religion and science are merging. Religion (and its more vague cousin, spirituality) says we don’t understand how this works, so God did it. It’s the end of the discussion. It’s fundamentally incurious. Science says, we don’t know how this works, so let’s say we don’t understand, but keep trying to understand it. I don’t care what you believe. If you want to worship an ancient Jew who wandered the desert and had visions of Satan, or if you want to worship the tooth fairy or one of Duncan’s mushroom trip philosophies about energy. That’s your business, but please don’t assume that just because you don’t understand how something works, and you don’t want to put in the effort to find out how it works that it must be God, and that’s the end of it.

    It reminds me of a bit this funny comedian I like does, where he talks about magicians, and how there’s always the guy in crowd who says “Magnets…This is magnets…I don’t understand this and I don’t understand magnets….This is magnets.”

  • I mostly agree with you John G. (cue Pete impersonating Joey Pants: “I’m a John G.!”) but I would add that Pete, quoting Rob Bell, specifically invoked Hebraic scholars. There is a powerful strain of curiosity and debate in Judaism, more so than in any other major religion. There is a point to where the curiosity stops, yes, but the desire to grasp more and more knowledge is integral to that religion.

  • I’m a John G!! I agree, I may not be in the right saying that, or perhaps putting it so simply. I am piecing together thoughts I got from Rob Bell’s movie Everything is Spiritual and his book What We Talk About When We Talk About God, which I recommend if you want to hear someone make the science and god are friends point much much more eloquently! (He’s doing the pod, too!)


  • Offal! That was the word you were looking for when trying to figure out what they call organs. I was screaming it at my iPhone, Offal!

    Now that I’ve got off my chest, great episode. I love listening to people who find success later in life.

  • As a person who lost her parent’s at an early age (my dad at 9, my mom at 17) — holy moly I can relate to the couch surfing, but mostly forgetting ones past…and not on purpose. You grow up and move on and it all feels like a story that happened to someone else. It’s not sad, it just IS. Detaching was necessary and well…

    The ultimate bummer in my life is that I never had an adult conversation with my parents. It’s truly the ONLY thing I feel sorry for myself about. And I don’t feel bad for ME, I feel bad for former me. It’s bizarre and I have a therapist that helps me handle this. :)

  • I read the uncut version of Stephen King’s “The Stand” at least once a year (usually around Halloween). I thought I knew it very well, but I don’t remember any character similar to the “Famine” person that Jon Hamm describes. I wonder if he’s confusing it with some other King work. Must do some googling.

  • What an incredible episode, he really is a true delight and comfortably deep. I actually just saw my first episode of Mad Men last night and I can’t wait to continue.

  • […] Druga oddaja na seznamu je sicer stara že dobro leto, a ker sem jo poslušal v preteklem tednu, jo vseeno omenjam. (Svežost oddaj ne bo kriterij te rubrike.) Pete Holmez je najbolj čednega moškega na TV, Jona Hamma, vprašal o Oglaševalcih, o komediji, o otroštvu, znanosti, pornografiji in praktično vsem, kar mu je padlo na pamet. Jon Hamm ni Don Draper, kar je v tem izredno simpatičnem intervjuju takoj očitno. (You Made It Weird) […]

  • Wow….Jon Hamm is fucking awesome. Had no idea. Oddly, I’ve barely seen Mad Men; I’ve seen maybe 4 episodes. I love what I saw…but at the time I was a MASSIVE Breaking Bad junkie and had no time for other shows. But…I kind of want to watch it now after this show.
    Aside from the “entertainment industry” stuff I mentioned above, I found Jon Hamm to be a truly cool dude. He’s definitely a “man’s man” in the best possible sense. It’s like he’s the archetype of what a real man ought to be….confident, curious, interested, social, steady, but with a touch of pathos. I really like the guy after listening to this. He seems surprisingly self-aware and intelligent. Glad I stuck with this ‘sode.