Episode 129

You Made It Weird

Gabe Liedman

You Made It Weird #129: Gabe Liedman

Gabe Liedman (Gabe and Jenny! Comedy! Big Terrific!) makes it weird!

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  • 10 minutes in and I’m already laughing on the train on the way to work. I DON’T EVEN MIND. And seriously Pete, congrats on the show being picked up. It honestly couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. I’m so excited to watch you on tv every day! Or, you know, Monday to Thursday.

  • Congrats, Pete! Couldn’t happen to a keener fella.

    Also, this was a lovely episode. So many items I’d like to comment on, but I think I’ll stick with the last point and say that the Cape Feare episode of The Simpsons is the funniest 22 minutes in recorded human history. Gabe knows what’s up.

  • Congrats on getting the show picked up! I had a blast at the pilot recording last summer! Very happy for you and hope to be able to road trip to LA to see more live recordings!

    Glad that you were able to get Gabe to do his own episode, what a sweet pea!

    I’ve been to the last two live YMIW you’ve done in SF, I do agree that the crowd can be a little uptight at some points and its very obvious to everyone, and both times I’ve thought to myself that people should loosen up a little bit – that nothing is being said in a negative spirit. It has never put a damper on the shows that for sure! Hope you keep coming back to SF, we love you and they’re always so much fun to be apart of! :)

  • Condragulations on the show! I feel so delighted for the accomplishment of a comic stranger.
    YMIW is the one podcast that makes you feel like a stalker in the bushes, simply by listening. Kudos!

    This ep is off to a hilar start!

  • I am not a usual commenter but I was really into this one. This is now my favorite episode. ( And not just because of the Philly references) So funny and heartfelt. oh and of course: Congrats Pete!

  • @Pete Holmes – Congrats on the TV show/ increased exposure / steady paycheck! Can’t wait to see what you do with THAT format.

    Also, thank you for saying walking and jogging are like mobile meditation. I happened to hear that part of the podcast while I was on an exercise bike and that’s when it dawned on me why I enjoy being on that machine so much. I’m not only burning calories, but for the thirty to ninety minutes I’m peddling, I can just let my mind go or listen to a podcast or find some other way to tune out the world around me. No wonder I’m in a better mood during the days I work out. Thanks for the epiphany.

    Speaking of epiphanies, I just had another one – have you, Pete Holmes, ever been told you have perfect pitch? You do such a stellar job of mimicking people and you’ve mentioned you play guitar, and I just listened to a Radiolab episode from 2007 called “Musical Language” where one of the hosts asks if people who were raised speaking tonal languages – that is, where the meaning of a single word can be radically changed based on the pitch it’s said in – may be better musicians than those of use who were raised speaking English or other non-tonal languages. From there, they discussed perfect pitch and how having that gift makes reproducing a note, a sound, a noise a snap. So…back to my original question, have you ever been told you have perfect pitch?

  • This may be the longest, and dare I say most endearing, weirdcast to date, Pete’n’Gabe. You two are not on the same wavelength. You are the SAME WAVE. Hang out more, you two.

  • I knew when I heard Gabe on the live episode that he would be great one on one with Pete and here we are, new favorite episode! Glad to see at least one half of my fantasy comedy team threesome partners is still on the market!

  • Hey Pete,

    Thanks so much for a great podcast-I already liked Gabe’s comedy, and now I like him, too. One of my favorite things about this podcast is seeing a guest whose comedy I don’t like or connect with, listening to their podcast, and leaving as a new fan of their work.

    Jamey, Austin TX