Episode 122

You Made It Weird

Julian McCullough

You Made It Weird #122: Julian McCullough

Julian McCullough (Comedy Central! Love You, Mean It!) makes it weird!

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  • I have a lot of love for many episodes but wow this one really tugged at my heart strings when it came to the parts about McCullough’s relationship with his family especially his mother. Didn’t know anything about McCullough so I’m glad to listen to what he has to say and will definitely check out his stuff on this American life. Also looking forward to another live SF show tomorrow!

  • I don’t usually post although I listen to LOADS of podcasts, yours and others, Pete, but I want to echo something Julian said at the beginning of the podcast: It means so much emotionally for me to hear you and the guests on your show bare their darkness and despair and past so that I can’t go on believing that I’m really as alone as I can feel sometimes. It’s just such a great thing, THANK YOU for keeping at it and please continue to do what you do :)

  • Julian: “I shouldn’t be on stage after 1am.”
    Pete, softly, supportively: “You’re like a gremlin.”
    Loved this episode — it made me seek out Julian on *This American Life.* His description of he & his sister hiding behind the Christmas tree at the Tennessee tequila Christmas fiasco had me laughing & weeping simultaneously.

  • great episode — listened to it in its entirely on a long drive and it had me laughing and ALMOST crying. aside from him being very funny, it was very touching to hear about julian’s father taking care of his mother and him being at peace with all of events leading up to it. i’ll be seeking out the this american life episode everyone is talking about.