Episode 118

You Made It Weird

John F. O'Donnell

You Made It Weird #118: John F. O’Donnell

John F. O’Donnell (comedy! New EP on!) makes it very, very weird. In the best way. ENJOY!

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  • Pete, love your show! Love it HARD!
    This was an especially fascinating episode.

    But, I feel it to be an egregious oversight that you did not go with “Crispinicity”. Crispinicity forever!

  • yikes… very interesting. especially after watching homeland, which features a manic/depressant person as the main character.

    at the end of the show, it seems like pete is backing off a little bit, nodding, affirming and just plays a message from his dad to change the subject/release the tension.

  • I loved hearing JFOD retell his moments of mania…very helpful for anyone dealing with paranoid thinking and how real it feels at the time…Thank you both!

  • JFOD is the first person I have ever heard describe bipolar disorder in a realistic and accurate manner. I can’t thank you enough for having him on. It sounds like he’s a slow-cycler, and that can really screw up your perception of the world. He’s incredibly aware. So great.

  • I loved this episode so much. It’s not an overstatement for me to say that JFOD said some potentially life changing things. He is one of the deepest, weirdest, coolest and smartest guests you’ve ever had. When he went off about the evolution of consciousness and maybe it’s jagged and raw and ugly…oh my god. I loved it so much. I typed out the whole thing, saved it for myself, and sent it to the comedy-sex-god email. Thanks for having this incredible guest, Pete. And you were top-notch, as per usual.

  • Massively interesting hearing about his manic episodes. I had no idea manic depression even involved that kind of inventive paranoia – honestly thought it was just intense ups and downs. Really ballsy of him to put it all out there. Blows my mind how much diverse mental illness there is out there. So many people experiencing so much acute suffering on a *daily* basis FFS – it depresses the fuck out of me. Empathy dictates that everything should be done to understand and mitigate these problems but instead sufferers are regarded as 3rd class citizens, powerless non-entities who can choose between numbness pills, fending for themselves, or … well something else. Meanwhile everything goes into war and the pursuit of personal profit. This world we made sure sucks ass when it comes to stuff like that.