Episode 115

You Made It Weird

Alison Becker

You Made It Weird #115: Alison Becker

Alison Becker (College Humor BADMAD videos! VH1! Parks and Rec!) is a hilarious delight of a gal to gab with. She and Pete have been friends for years, and this podcast is evidence of how much fun they have when they’re together. Thoughtful, funny, talented, lovely! ALISON BECKER, EVERYONE! Enjoy, you weirdos!

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  • The violence really hits me because I feel strongly about just a concept of pointless violence.

    The thing is I fantasies is the people living through the pain that I inflict upon them and being a living example know exactly why they were punished and most impotently being broken mentally to the point of tears that their ego is no longer able to say ‘fuck everyone else’ and now accepts that they are the reason they are in this torment, never doing this sort of thing again and putting shame and fear into others not to try anything like that.

    In reality I know this wouldn’t work. In fact I can’t stomach torture as a state police that I think the new CIA directer will perpetuate this practice in the US for people whom might not have done anything at all, thus senseless violence.

  • Alison seems like such a sweet pea! I didn’t want this episode to end, loved it! I also related to her on the level about all the different emotions you can have when you decided to leave a relationship (end up doubting yourself and the choice you made.) That really hit home… On a lighter note, can’t wait for you to come back to SF for Sketchfest!

  • Just bought some stuff on amazon using your link :) Pete, you have a wonderful podcast and I want to thank you for hours and hours of amazing conversations, from the serious to the ridiculous.

  • Very interesting episode. Took an interesting change of tone at the end. It got to me fore some reason and I”m not sure why. Someone was chopping onions and I just barely threw them in the basement in time. Every episodes seems to contain something somewhere in it that I needed to hear that day. Could be that I’m forcing my brain to relate and connect thing to my specific issues when I’m out of ways to do so in a normal way, with conversation. I see how religion can be convenient to turn to. I often envy people that are able to believe in a higher power and that everything happens for a reason. Now that I made myself sound completely emo… As always, I love the show. Hearing Katie laughing in the background is always awesome. Keep it up, Pete. This show does a lot of good for for many of your listener.

  • “She was a Panera” =Worst Insult Ever

    Love Gabbin’ Like Gals! epidsodes! &Alison Becker is adorbs!

    Nothing like a perfect dick and kale juice.
    (Gotta add some fresh pineapple though)

  • I enjoyed the podcast very I do all of them.

    I’ve been brainwashed into juicing and raw chocolate etc..

    But I always research things before I take them to heart….and I can’t find anywhere where it says Tequila is a stimulant. Help a sister out and provide a resource! Please!