Episode 105

You Made It Weird

Aisha Tyler

You Made It Weird #105: Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler (holy cow! The Talk! Archer! Girl on Guy podcast!) is a pure delight and a weirdo treasure. Pete and Aisha had never met before, but hit it off immediately and got down to the weird, wonderful and silly, silly laugh fest that is the episode. Please enjoy, you weird, weird weirdos!

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  • haaa, that was not a slight at kyle, although i just listened to it and see what i think you saw. i just meant we’re flying in great guests from LA and kyle will of course already be there and will be on the show, not flown in tho. I LOVE KINAAAAAANNNNNNNEEEEE!!! (of course)

  • Sorry pete, I’m a fan of he show and knew what you meant, i was just being an asshole.

    I get anxiety that a mistake in my own grammar are mistaken for passive aggressive slights.

  • I liked how Aisha had the same haaa laugh at times.. I’ve long been a kind of anti-fan of Aisha ever since the intro she did for the Halo Reach Beta, but hearing this was a welcome change.. You two had almost identical styles it seemed like, and was chemistry right from the beginning.

  • Gabbin’ with the girls! I loved Pete’s psychic kitchen-visualization trick! And Aisha’s braininess & willingness to work blue! And general hilarious, relaxed, zany, game-for-anything tone of this episode! Pure delight from start to finish.

  • I loved, loved, loved this episode. I’m a regular listener of YMIW and Girl on Guy and initially thought it might be a strange combination, but it turned out to be fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. And I’m totally stealing the bad mittens idea, genius!

  • Aisha is completely awesome–as is her podcast. She’s also the anti-Chelsea Peretti for Pete…lets him go off with his monkey laughs, etc. totally unconstrained until she finally slipped a bit and said, after the Bill Cosby imitation: “this is so confusing.” how polite.

    Started with the “bags of blood!!!!” blurt and never stopped.

    Love ya Pete (seriously). Listen all the time. You just do best with a counterbalance-of-a-guest.-versus-an-enabling-guest. like Chelsea or Kroll or Maron who just annihilate your of even someone like Mulaney or Demetri who do it on the sly…

  • Dude. Amazing episode. I hardly ever comment. That killed! I hope you two are actual friends now, everyone needs a beautiful female friend to just boost them up. This one is tied with Kumail #2 and Mulaney for favorite episode.

  • Where does a baby raping urge come from in the first place? It’s amazing that people can talk about free will and sexuality in the same sentence without clarifying that free will needs some arbitrary starting point to make sense. The omnipotent God assumption blows away the arbitrary starting point because every possibility, including the emergence of baby raping urges, and subsequent failure to control those urges, has been foreseen as a consequence of God’s actions.


  • I have to agree, this is the best episode I’ve heard so far! Not only did Aisha keep up with you, she jumped in front and led the way! Amazing and lightning quick banter back and forth. The best! And I laughed so hard I almost drove off the highway when Aisha asked, “Who wants to worship a jealous God?!” and you answered without hesitation, “I mean, billions of people.” That answer was so fast and so spot on! Pure. Comic. Gold!

  • I think a problem a lot of agnostics and atheists have is that they see themselves as having come to their current views through rational thought and logic. “I can’t believe X because Y and Z.”

    But people make crazy, illogical, tribal, jealous choices all the time. I’d say it’s because we’re all a bunch of haphazardly wired apes*, but others might sublimate those aspects of humanity into the kind of God they worship and not even see any contradictions.

    *Yes, this means even us atheists probably came to our current positions through some visceral, gut decision and only rationalized it after the fact, too.

    • The only reason people “believe” is because they are brainwashed by stupid parents. Everyone is born atheist. Religion is a cultural thing, not a biological.

  • Hey Pete,

    I have been frustrated with you in the past, for you obsene self-centered-ness and mind blowing ignorance of the world, but today you fixed it. All of my frustrations vanished after you said “I’m living my 20s in my 30s.” Now I get it. I have always respected your honest explorations, but your ignorance got me down. I’m all good now. I love ol’ petey pants.

  • Brilliant! Two of my favorite comics, Aisha “Boogity Boogity Cheese” Tyler and Pete “Denver Yeah!” Holmes. This show was filthy and beautiful. Loved it!

  • What was the This American Life episode Aisha referenced? I want to listen to it but cant find the part where she mentioned it without listening to the whole thing again!

  • Late to the party, I know, but I gotta say I loves me some Aisha in a totally hetero way. I do agree there are degrees of gayness/straightness the same way there are degrees on the political spectrum. Anyone who fits solidly in ONE camp might be in the minority while the rest of us float somewhere in between.

    And how refreshing to hear a woman talk openly about flicking the bean! Dammit, we ALL do it, we just don’t talk about it as much as dudes for some reason (less socially acceptable?). Pete, I strongly recommend you try self-pleasure at night right before you fall asleep so you associate it with nappy-time rather than stress AND it should help you nod off. Works better than warm milk. Trust me.