Episode 10

You Made It Weird

Alec Sulkin

You Made It Weird #10: Alec Sulkin

Fans of Family Guy and people curious about television writing, hilarious tweets and the usual weirdnesses of YMIW are in for a treat: Alec Sulkin is a writer for FG, a huge, hilarious twitter monster and a wonderful guest to delve into sex, God and comedy with. It’s definitely crispy. Like, for real.

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  • “Hey, Paul, remember when you were in The Beatles? That was awesome.”

    Now, replace “Paul” with “Alec” and “The Beatles” with “Family Guy” and you’ve listened to the podcast.

  • You are 100% new to me and it has been fascinating listening to your conversations. Pretty fun stuff so far. You are a thoughtful talker, it comes through in your voice. Keep having fun and thanks for the entertainment.

  • I only started listening to this podcast because of the guests. No disrespect to Pete, but all i knew about him was his comments on VH1 and I never found him that funny. He’s grown on me, but he needs to stop laughing so much and stop with that annoying AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH everytime the guest says something funny. It almost makes the show unlistenable. Luckily he’s been pulling some great guests that keep bringing me back. So, Pete, don’t laugh and scream so much and the show will be 100 times better.

  • Let it be known that Joe Kickass does not speak for all of us. I love your laughs and screams, Pete. They fill me with an inexorable happiness.

    Having now listened to every episode, I can now say that my only problem with the show is that there aren’t already many more.

  • Pete, I love your podcast. You get some amazing guests, have some interesting conversations, and put forth compelling theories about life & comedy.

    You occasionally lament the fact you tell the same stories & anecdotes from podcast to podcast. It is with love that I humbly point out that your most often asked question is along the lines of “Do you feel that way too?” (usually asked after you’ve fully delivered your own theories on the topic).

    I sincerely hope this comment doesn’t come across negatively. It’s just that while listening I repeatedly wanted to tell you, “Relax, Pete. Let Alec lead the conversation from time to time.”

    Keep going, Pete! You come across as a great human being.

  • I had to give up after 20 minutes. It’s really good if you want to hear Pete Holmes talk about himself, ask Alec for careers advice and plug his own material.
    Personally I wanted to hear Alec but that was difficult because the few times he can get a word in edgewise Pete talks or laughs over him.

  • Love the material Pete. Keep your great persona and those convos going, don’t listen to the grumpy neighbors next door that have filled your comments.