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What’s New #4: Dan St. Germain, Fahim Anwar and Zoltan Kaszas

Host Christian Spicer is joined by Dan St Germain (Comedy Central, Conan), Fahim Anwar (Comedy Central, Just for Laughs), and Zoltan Kaszas (winner, 2013 Seattle International Comedy Competition) for some new material and discussion about writing, the process, and when to keep a joke. Plus a bonus set of new material from Streeter Seidell (CollegeHumor)! And don’t miss the next live show Tuesday, February 11 at NerdMelt Showroom in Los Angeles!

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    Completley kidding. I’m sure you are a sweetheart Erin.

    @Christian – On the for realsy business type stuff though. Maybe you could end your ash trays in car joke with something to do with the latest addictive substances that might need acessories in a car. Like stuff that gets you off while you’re driving on Molly/E. A cubby for your crack rock and a wet nap dispencer to help you clean up after you suck dicks to buy it. Idk, something along those lines would be enjoyable but you can make it much funnier I’m sure, you funny bitch.