Episode 88

Thrilling Adventure Hour

Beyond Belief, “The…

Thrilling Adventure Hour #88: Beyond Belief, “The Yesterday Shop on Today Street”

Starring Paul F Tompkins and Paget Brewster as those married mediums Frank and Sadie Doyle. Also Craig Cackowski as Proprietor Joe; and Elizabeth Reaser and Tom Lennon as curiosity shop customers. Narration by Hal Lublin.



  • Hey REDspike,
    If you look into it a bit, like at their website, you’ll find that the Adventure Hour is planning to do some road work, maybe in a city near you. Like New York, Boston, and the like. I think I heard about this on their Twitter feed…

  • I started with Captain Laserbeam…moved on to Sparks Nevada and now have fallen head over heels in love with Beyond Belief. As a fan of the Thin Man movies this is concept is a dream come true for me. and the execution by the writers and voice actors is Beyond Expectations..okay belief, it is beyond belief. Djinn and Tonic is my fav so far but they are all amazing.

  • Acker often writes commentaries to be read along with the episode and often talks about the pathos that certain performers giver their lines. Never has that been more true than in regards to Tompkins in this episode. This may be my favorite PFT performance in “Beyond Belief” yet.