Episode 171

Thrilling Adventure Hour

Down in Moonshine Holler, “A Hamlet”

Thrilling Adventure Hour #171: Down in Moonshine Holler, “A Hamlet”

Starring Craig Cackowski as secret-millionaire hobo Banjo Bindlestuff, and Hal Lublin as his hobo mentor Gummy. Also starring Mark Gagliardi, Alexandra Barreto, and Janet Varney as actors; Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, and Molly Quinn as gentry; and Richard Speight, Jr. as the odious Elijah Shinplaster.


Recorded at the Merle Reskin Theater in Chicago on April 26, 2014.

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  • If there was ever a time I wished the podcast included the thunderous applause of the audience, it’s for this episode.   This was just amazing writing and performing,  and I loved listening to minute of it.  Thanks to the Ben’s for just getting better and better with each episode! 

  • Just DLing it now, haven’t listened to it but to share some possible insight of humor (as I was there for this wonderful show): When Janet kissed Craig on the cheek as pictured, she purposely tried (and succeeded) to get a kissing sound out of it.  Immediately afterwards a sound queue of a kiss played and everyone played startled and confused perfectly.

  • mmaves – I’m not sure how much the sound picked up (just downloading it now), but the crowd was really excited for this performance.  I was there for the show and everyone ate up every second of this one!