Episode 146

Thrilling Adventure Hour

The Algonquin Four in 'Fun…

Thrilling Adventure Hour #146: The Algonquin Four in ‘Fun and Whimsy!’

Starring Annie Savage as Dorothy Parker; Mark McConville as Woodrow “Woody” Wilson; John Ross Bowie as Harry Houdini; Mark Gagliardi as Robert Benchley; and Paul F. Tompkins as K.


Recorded November 2, 2013.

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  • She didn’t. It was the table itself that was turned into crocodiles, and then one of them was torched by Robert Benchley before they were turned back into the table. Presumably Dorothy was munching on the charred remains of the croc Benchley fried.

    As far as I can tell, the only association that Woodrow Wilson has with the Algonquin Round Table is that in a fictional mystery series by Agata Stanford, Dorothy owns a dog named Woodrow Wilson. In reality, it appears Parker’s dog was named Cliche. Any idea why one of the other *actual* members of the Round Table wasn’t chosen for the fourth spot?