Episode 116

Thrilling Adventure Hour

Beyond Belief, “The Devil…

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Thrilling Adventure Hour #116: Beyond Belief, “The Devil You Know”

Starring Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster as those married mediums Frank and Sadie Doyle. Also starring Thomas Lennon as Pterodactyl Jones; Jenny Wade as a Dame; Craig Cackowski and Annie Savage as demons; Jeremy Carter, Matt Gourley, and Mark McConville as Cerberus; and James Urbaniak as the ruler of Hell.

Recorded February 2, 2013.

Photos by Matt Harbicht



  • I love this podcast so much!
    This episode was special due to my love of Tom Lennon and all things detective mystery :)

    If the writers happen to see this, I love your work (and the actors’ too, of course). Thanks for keeping it funny and wonderful! :D

  • This is my new favorite Beyond Belief episode. I love this show, it’s Beyond Belief is always hilarious but the bar just got raised (clink!).

    I have been cracking up at my desk for 20 minutes straight now and I had to explain myself. The wordplay was amazing and the delivery was awesome as usual.

    I am SO grateful for Thrilling Adventure Hour! Makes the day that much better!

  • I had the same redundancy problem, Alec, but when I deleted the episode from my iTunes and re-downloaded it yesterday evening, I got the correct audio.

    Great episode … love the way Paget says “dinosaur.”