Episode 8

The Wrestling Compadres…

Nikki Bella, Natalya,…

The Wrestling Compadres Slamcast #8: Nikki Bella, Natalya, Katarina Leigh, Queen Sharmell, Nigel McGuinness

Yes, we have this many amazing guests on this episode! With “Total Divas” coming back in a few days, we are very honored to have interviews with Nikki Bella and Natalya! Plus we have the incredibly talented and beautiful Katarina Leigh in studio! We get a special Diva Fave 5 from Queen Sharmell, and Nigel McGuinness brings us “Trick or Tweet.” Enjoy and tell everyone you know!!

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    Man, this is one of my favorite podcasts now! Between this and IGN’s Wrestling Wrap Up, it’s actually getting fun to be into wrestling when the booking, storylines or talent is getting disappointing.

    Loved the female focus this week! Every guest was amazing – how come that everyone who calls in just sounds like a totally awesome person? Queen Sharmell is AT LEAST as cool sounding as Kharma was! Everyone just seems to be really, really cool. Katarina too; always a pleasure to listen anyone with great accents on a podcast, I must say (that goes for Nigel too!). And it’s cool to hear she’s doing stuff like Shakespeare!

    And Nikki? She gets a whole lot of points in my book for the frank interview she gave here. The face the WWE puts out there for their talent is…. uh… not always the most flattering. But she sounds like a real classy chick. And Sailor Moon? That’s a kickass answer; I know AJ is supposed to be the “official Diva for internet fans™”, and I love her, but Nikki? That’s a great answer :D

    Everyone here was just charming and interesting. Seriously – this was a GREAT episode guys! I LOVE hearing everybody out of kayfabe, and it’s clear that this podcast is the place to go for that!

    LOVE THIS SHOW SO FAR! Keep it up!