Episode 81

The Todd Glass Show

Christmas Show!

The Todd Glass Show #81: Christmas Show!

It’s a very special Christmas episode just for YOU!

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  • todd glass is an unfunny pussy he sucked on last comic standing his podcast sucks his comedy suckshow dare you try to judge adam car olla for actually being funnt f off

  • Love the podcast Todd’s a blast and a half the shows silliness makes the world a better place for me but the fellow trolling on this page is not awesome that comment has nothing to do with anything besides irrational hate.
    I heard that Live ACE podcast there was an uncomfortable moment between Todd and Adam over the the uses of the R word I don’t agree while i don’t agree with what Adam sez(sometimes ehe more often lately) I still listen to the show but I digress what does that have to do with this?

    Its not awesome and uncalled for.

    The podcast the great work keep up the swell work Todd, Katie, Daniel, Rory, Chris, Blake, Eric, Jordan as voiced by Rory, Lynne with those jingles that get stuck in my head and sometimes sing in class and then people look at me like a I’m some kinda weirdo wait what? I’m lost great podcast happy holidays also Marc Maron’s podcast is starting after this what a great lead in.