Episode 57

The Todd Glass Show

Rory Scovel & Daniel Kinno …

The Todd Glass Show #57: Rory Scovel & Daniel Kinno (and a special call-in guest!)

Rory is back and, boy, is it a super fun show! Mark Wahlberg calls in, we see some interesting people walking outside, and Jordan gets on the mic again!

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  • Just a quick thing about Carolla. He’d didn’t say women weren’t funny. He said there were more funny men than funny women. Then he made a joke that the article writer chopped so that it was just the punchline.
    So basically, a comment and a joke taken out of context by an asshole writer.
    It’s become a recurring joke on his show with his funny female sidekick, Alison Rosen.

    It’s become a recurring joke on his show

  • There’s already at least one site for IDing drugs (we use it at the drugstore), but the subscription fee is too high for casual users. You type any letters/numbers on either side of the pill and it kicks back a shape/color description of any FDA-approved prescription drug which match or partially match. Feel free to shush me if this was too long.

  • Ericon, yeah I was a bit surprised that Todd was so angry about the situation without hearing both sides as much as he usually does. He’s one that generally looks at things subjectively and carefully before going off on it. I believe the media definitely did twist Adam’s words…he did say that there were more funny men around than women and of course as most media does, they felt they needed to alter what he said and make a big deal out of it.
    He has stated multiple times on his show that he does not believe women as a whole aren’t as funny as men, it was definitely something taken out of context, and way too many people fell for it. No big deal really, I was just surprised. That said, I LOVE the Todd Glass Show

  • Love that Todd fell for the whole Carolla thing. Just shows he’s quick to get mad at someone and thinks he right about everything. I would hate to be working in that office, being paranoid about any little thing you do in fear of glass getting annoyed. Started hearing the podcast half way through and i really dislike all the shooshing going on, can you all cut back on that. THanks! Love you lots XOXOXO

  • As always when Daniel and Rory are there, I absolutely just loved the ep but to the commenter above re: the Shushing; Are you crazy?! That was the worst thing I have heard on this show counting every single ep (I have listened to every single one, most 2x). Literally for the first time ever I almost shut the ep down due to that incessant shushing being so annoying (punctuated when TG shushed himself, which was actually pretty funny); I know Todd is just trying to keep control of the room (unfortunately he will often kill an ongoing funny bit b/c he is worried the room is getting too wild) but boy between that and the preceding parenthetical statement that part was real rough…

    BUT, as always, all in all, it was a GREAT ep~!

  • Holy happy place. Rory and Daniel fill me with joy. I’m a pretty quiet guy but I will laugh right out loud when listening to them on good runs. I absolutely love when they get Todd rolling.