Episode 33

The Todd Glass Show

Jen Kirkman and Daniel…

The Todd Glass Show #33: Jen Kirkman and Daniel Kinno (part 2)

It’s a follow up to last week’s show and, yes, Jen Kirkman is really here. There are bits, songs and more bits!

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  • I literally had goosebumps when Jen was singing “You’re So Vain.”
    I think I’m officially in love with her now. I’ll sing the Mick Jagger back ups with her any time.

  • Oh my god they got rid of the guy interrupting the opening jingle? Oh my god…

    That was one of my favorite parts every week (to George Carlin)! Always kills me without fail, plus the whole “it gets funnier each week because the joke is STILL going on” aspect. Todd, if you want to do it, please, do it.

  • Awww SHIT! I never heard Jen Kirkman before! She is so quick, sonfun and so fucking funny. “that’s what poor people say: they just got reverb”
    And Todd and Daniel were so right with her. Todd, you really sounded lime you were enjoying yourself…great episode! Have her back A LOT!!

  • I am an exterminator who works at night and listening to this show sometimes causes me to fall down laughing. Afterwards I have to clean all the chemicals off, but that’s just fine.
    The bits are fantastic. And I had an idea for another.

    We all know that everyone on the show (especially Katie ;) is trying trying to sabotage it. If something were to happen to your post-its….I think that could go somewhere interesting…maybe not.

    Love you guys

    ps: Daniel’s voice is comforting.

  • Hey Todd,
    Another incredible episode. So many great bits, They just got Reverb, You wanna get out of here, the stand up description. Jen Kirkman is so funny. I hope she comes back soon. She’s as good as Rory.
    I missed the talking over the intro this week too. I only bring it up because Todd said he wanted to do it but didn’t. Trust your instincts Todd and keep going, we’re with you, the listeners are a lot smarter than you think. =)

  • Jen gets it. There’s no other show like the Todd’s, that lets people be really silly and loose. Jen did a really amazing job, and I can’t believe that she’s had this incredible silly side that I don’t get to see often enough. I would love to see Marc Maron on the show, just because I know we’d get to see a side of Marc that we usually don’t.

    And I hate to comment, but good lord, how amazing does Jen look in that screen shot? And she’s 40? And she’s divorced now? Chelsea Peretti,, move over.ake room….Pe

  • Go listen to episode 84 of Sklarbro Country. Jump to 1 hr 19 minutes (well listen to the whole show, the Sklars are great). The point is:
    someone’s got reverb and they’ve lost all their furniture. Too funny!