Episode 107

The Todd Glass Show

Troy Conrad part 2

The Todd Glass Show #107: Troy Conrad, Part 2

It’s the second half of the hilarious show with Troy Conrad (co-creator of Set List)!

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  • I love the Todd Glass show, but this did nothing for me. It felt like someone doing a parody of Todd Glass.

    Not saying it to be mean, please don’t ban me from listening. Just not my bag this time.

  • ok, so I have listened to this show for a long time, always sober. I never understood how amazing it was until being under the influence. It’s truly great.

  • Todd,
    I wanted to send an email but could not find an address on any site.
    so i will settle for this. i’ve listened to the show since the beginning and nothing makes me happier than a new todd glass show. it gets me through my monday (east coaster so i don’t listen till mon). if you let me know how to email you i would like to tell you all the ways in which you are awesome and make life great but for now i would just like to thank you for introducing me to Rubblebucket, the band doin th LADIE song. the jerry lewis bit was hilarious BUT you should have at least introduced the band. had to look that shit up old school! however, that song made me soooo fuckin happy! total get up and dance happiness!! thank you for the tip. (they are from brooklyn not canada tho)

    love the show, love the bits, love this silliness!!


  • I love this show but the constant reference to Adam Carolla’s answer to a somewhat staged question is fucking boring (unless there’s dialogue we don’t know about). Sorry, but can we move on?