Episode 1

The Todd Glass Show

Tom Martin & Daniel Kinno

The Todd Glass Show #1: Tom Martin & Daniel Kinno

It’s the first episode of The Todd Glass Show with friends Tom Martin and Daniel Kinno! Make sure to stay around for the aftershow.



  • Dang it, Big C! You’re putting up too much good stuff to listen too. I got stuff to do in real life!

    Hmmm. Too much entertainment? I guess I have to hashtag this.


  • I haven’t listened to the show (yet), but why in the world would a guy named Todd Glass get a podcast and not give it a title like “The Todd Glass Podcast” or “The Podglass Toddcast” or “The Pod Todd Glass Cast” or “The Todglast”? With a name that so nearly rhymes with podcast, it seems a crime to just call it “The Todd Glass Show”. Just an observation. For which I apologize if it’s addressed in the show.

  • So excited for this new podcast but I agree with Randy M, not enough time in the day to listen to all the awesomeness coming out of Nerdist Industries! ^_^ Good thing my job lets me listen to my iPod while I work or I’d never be able to keep up.

  • Wow, what a god damn great show! I know Todd said that he was still very aware of the fact that he was doing a show, but it totally didn’t feel that way. It was just nice, genuine conversation. Absolutely can’t wait for more. Congrats!

  • Hey Todd,
    Allow me to be a dick for a moment. I’m not particularly impressed with clips of Conan or Jimmy lauding your work to open your show. Those guys have to heap praise on shit every night. It’s their job. Those guys are part of the system that podcasts are a counterweight to. Those guys are industry media outlets on 7 minute segment schedules. Podcasts are longform. There are different luminaries in this closet industry. You should play to that demographic.
    Alright, it’s time to put a suggestion pickle on top of my complaint burger. Think about your audience here. If we’re here listening, we’re probably hooked into the podcast “scene.” We all know who the movers and shakers in comedy podcasts are today, go to itunes and check the weekly ranking. You’ve made the rounds, so go get soundbites of your appearances with industry moguls like Marc Maron, Adam Carolla or Chris Hardwick, to name a few. That’s the ‘street cred’ you should be shooting for here.
    But that’s just my opinion. The show is great, I’m a subscriber. Keep up the good work.

  • @sybarite – For someone whom claims to “get it” you seem to not.
    Let me help you.

    Before you start to complain about entertainment….of any sort….from people you like….

    DON’T Don’t <———-

    And seriously, Todd – I love this damn show, keep it UP. The Mr. Rogers moment at the end made me tear up a bit….that man was a saint.

  • I can’t tell you how excited I am to listen to this at work tomorrow. I haven’t heard a single second of the show yet, and I’ve already decided it’s being added into my permanent rotation. ‘Cause Dodd is that awesome.

    Wait…it’s Todd?

  • I never thought i’d say this: i need a longer commute to work in the morning as the expanding nerdist empire is giving me even more phenom stuff to listen too! Outstanding addition. Todd: welcome to the team! Team Nerdist!

  • Great show.

    I disagree about dumping Kimmel — who clearly likes T0dd — for Carolla — who barely knows Todd. Todd has been on Jimmy’s show repeatedly, but only once on Adam’s podcast (when Adam wasn’t even there).

    That said, there’s ample room for more audio snippets in the intro. :-)

  • Great first episode. I could listen to Todd Glass talk passionately about some minute aspect of society for hours, and I could listen to Todd Glass get too high and try to do a podcast for even more hours.

    As much as it would’ve been great to make the show name a pun, I’m glad Todd didn’t go with that, because I am still mad that Apple managed to brand not just a type of product (ie Kleenex), but an entire fucking medium! I mean how ridiculous is that, really. Imagine if we called our TV’s “The FoxBox” or some shit, it’s just as bad. Apple is now the richest corporation in America, it’s time to start pushing back against their world domination schemes.

  • Holy frigging moly, I am flabbergasted that my email question was the very first one read on the inaugural episode of the Todd Glass Show!

    (for the record, I pronounce ‘kajus’ KAY-JUSS, although depending on where you’re from, it can be pronounced KAI-US)

  • I LOVE the mobile podcast idea. I also don’t mind the “Dinner with…” segment. I know some people get annoyed with hearing people eat, but to me it just makes the casters sound more comfortable and relaxed — that they can converse over a meal, which is often how many great conversations begin.

    And I too am an unabashed fan of Family Guy and King of the Hill.

    Excellent first episode.

  • Really excited for this show. Great so far. Hope he has guest comics on. Will his show get uploaded to Stitcher? I’ve noticed only the Nerdist podcast is on Stitcher.

  • Sweet tap dancing hezues…a jimmy buffett sounding theme song about Todd in a coma?! my goodness is this podcast starting out strong. keep ‘em f@#$ing comin Todd!!!!

  • I really enjoyed the show. My only complaint is it feels to much like the other podcast Todd was on (C&EE). Maybe he can tell his side of the story as to what happened there. If he already did, I apologize for bringing it up.

  • Great show! I always loved the times that Todd showed up on the Preston and Steve morning show in Philadelphia – those were always a great listens. And now I get to hear that on a regular basis?! Awesome!

  • I love when Todd does audio bits. The one reaming his guests over the intro music was hilarious. I want to hear that every week.

    Also, if it was Todd’s idea on CE&E I want bad news with chips. I really loved that bit. Love the podcast, Todd. I laugh out loud every few minutes and look forward to my next errand so I can listen to a little more in the car.

  • Dodd…I mean Todd. You now have the best damn podcast I’ve ever heard. I actually listened to the same episode twice and could not stop laughing. I’ve never gotten high from laughing so much before but your podcast did it. Keep up the great work!!!

  • This is my favorite podcast. It’s hilarious. I love it when Todd pretends to be really angry and also the autistic kid playing the family guy theme song on his trumpet is great. This podcast gets me through every day at college.

  • Hey Todd, your podcast rocks and is a nice compliment to the bevy of casts I’m trying to keep up with week to week. I always make sure to leave time for yours! Really dig the unique style with the bits, breaks and stories.

    I’m totally on your side about having a clean house to live in. I lived with 6 other guys in college and it got so bad that I stopped talking to one of them for 3 weeks. The two worst wouldn’t chip in for toilet paper so we all ended up keeping a stash hidden in our respective rooms. :) Those two opted for the old shit and shower approach instead of shelling out a couple bucks for paper.