Episode 59

The Mutant Season

Tom Wilson

The Mutant Season #59: Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson hangs out with Gil to talk about how he became an actor, different guitar chords and much, much more!

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  • “It keeps spinning and people keep liking their stuff”

    “The world has many ways but everybody has their own way”

    Words of wisdom from the Mutant Season.

    Another great episode, Gil!

    And Tom, Back to the Future love is alive and well! I’m 25 and adore it and one of my coworkers just told me a story about how she and her young daughter watch those movies together all the time. She even got her a Back to the Future t-shirt for Christmas.

  • This is the first episode I’ve listened to of this podcast.
    When Gil said, ” I actually know the producer..”
    I knew this would be something I’d need to keep listening to.

    Keep up the good work Gil!