Episode 8

The K Ohle with Kurt…

PETophilia with Kumail…

The K Ohle #8: PETophilia with Kumail Nanjiani

Kurt sits down with comedian extraordinaire Kumail Nanjiani to talk about his cat Bagel. We also figure out why not to have beautiful bird cages, how TV gets made, and why bats love to munch carpet. Plus the first edition of Pet Name or Racial Slur.

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Thanks to Nick Thorburn from Islands for creating the theme song!

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  • Jesus fucking Christ on a stolen bicycle. Your podcast sucks beyond comprehension. It’s like being stuck in an elevator with someone with both Tourrette’s and diarrhea at the same time. Do us all a favor and discontinue this bullshit, AND kill yourself.

  • Jay, don’t project your suicidal fantasies on others. Happy and content people don’t act like this. Either keep it to yourself or come out of the basement and complain to your mother about this podcast that vexes you so.

  • I actually enjoy the podcast. Yet in curious who in the fuck goes around telling people to kill themselves? Even more some within the nerdist community. Do me a favor and if you have a crazy friend don’t tell them about nerdist or any podcast or events within the community. Don’t need people like jay around here. I feel sorry for you.

  • I don’t know Jay, being stuck in an elevator with someone with BOTH Tourette’s AND diarrhea would make for a pretty entertaining story. So I’m gonna take your trolling as a compliment. Thank you, Jay! Best buds fever!

  • I’m glad MOST people in this community have a decent sense of humor. Personally, i have been a fan of Kurt’s since i found BUNK. I have never posted before, more of a “lurker” but i felt compelled when i read Jay’s comment. I agree with everybody else, take your negativity to another forum, maybe an Anger Managment forum perhaps. Like Kieran said “Nothing involving Kumail can be that bad”. Keep it up Kurt, cant wait to see you in Seattle!

  • Hey Kurt! Loving the podcast! I actually had the intro song in my head this morning out of nowhere as well, lol- is that you singing it out of curiosity? Love Bunk as well! :D Keep up the awesome and don’t let the trolls get ya down! <3

  • Jesus loving Christ on a newly purchased bicycle. Your podcast rules beyond comprehension. It’s like being free on a nice patio with someone who is both hilarious and genius at the same time. Do us all a favor and continue this valuable show, AND clone yourself.

  • Hey ,just discovered your podcast and I’ve been catching up.

    Just wanted to say your absurdity and silliness make me chuckle.

    And kick ass music recommendation.
    Ive been looking up music and listing to your podcast for like 4 hours.

    Anyway thanks for adding some laughs to my day.