Episode 99

The JV Club

Heidi Rose Robbins

The JV Club #99: Heidi Rose Robbins

Feel it all! Lean into every bit of Episode 99 with the inspiring Heidi Rose Robbins, who celebrates the delight of a great poem, the magic of children’s books, and the extraordinary appeal of a little something called midnight moon cheese!

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  • Yes yes yes. Everything about this podcast is what made me fall in love with podcast medium. Honest sincere conversations about life and trying to cope with the fear of our mortality. One of my fave episodes of JV CLUB.

  • OK, now I don’t know whether I was shouted twice or if there’s another PJ involved (like Korra co-star PJ Byrne?)…

    And I have to find and try that Midnight Moon cheese.

  • @GuanoLad wow congrats my friend the only negative comment I’ve read in here in awhile, you must feel great about this distinction.
    I’ve been into astrology for awhile and was so glad when I found out Heidi would be the guest. Loved how honest this conversation was, and the silliness of the mash game at the end def lightened the mood.

  • Good interview, became a fan of Heidi. If I remember correctly it was an interview with Kulap when she was first brought up. For the 100th episode how about a round-table off Maggie Lawson Jessica Makinson and other close girlfriends?