Episode 96

The JV Club

Caitlin Gill

The JV Club #96: Caitlin Gill

One of the Bay Area’s shiniest stars, comedian and writer Caitlin Gill, takes a break from her 7,000 Sketchfest appearances to hang out in Janet’s hotel room and jaw about buffaloes, Murphy Brown, and livin’ tall in Episode 96, as we draw ever closer to the threat of Episode 100.

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  • I use podcasts the way Caitlin uses MST3K, but then when something really engaging comes along, I have to stop and rewind, then rewind again because now it’s the work that’s distracting me from the podcast. Thanks a LOT, interesting people!

  • Thanks for shouting me out twice. Th…, well I’ll finish that one later, for starting to tell the Schtroumpf story.

    And, yeah, you don’t realize how well your body works until you break something. Like all those little muscles in your feet make a huge difference in being able to walk normally, and how limited one’s (basic, everyday) activities become when you can’t walk without crutches.

    Also, pretty much anything is better than a bag of peanuts. Even a kick in the nuts (pun unintended). At least I’d survive the latter.

  • Caitlin has been one of my most favor interviews on here. I love her sincerity and her outlook on life. We have to be reasonable when we set goals for ourselves, especially when it comes to our appearance. We cant all have the goal to look like the girls in the magazines, because lets face it %95 of us dont. As long as we are healthy and comfortable with ourselves that is the first step in happiness and acceptance.

  • I was hit by a car at age 5. I was in a coma for 3 days. In the Hospital for almost 3 weeks. I had to relearn how to talk, walk, and read. A rumor was started that I was hit by an ice cream truck. EVERYONE believed it.Students, teachers, parents. People would yell “ding, ding, ding” when they saw me.