Episode 92

The JV Club

Kimmy Gatewood

The JV Club #92: Kimmy Gatewood

Put on your fluffiest cat tail and your Elizabethan collar for this episode with special guest pirate-princess-trombonist Kimmy Gatewood (The Apple Sisters), whose teenage Garth Halloween costume puts Dana Carvey to shame. To shame!

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  • Good episode! Glad to have JV club back. 2 weeks vac was to much. Also being a fan of Nerdist I know Chris podcasted his father. Would you ever consider podcasting your mother to have it on record. I can see it already as being a gem. Maybe for you 100th episode?

  • Welcome back Janet!! It’s always interesting when you have guests I know NOTHING about, but they eave you wanting to hear more! I’m not entirely sure I know what Kimmy Gatewood does (Are the Apple Sisters a singing group? I know she’s acting in the Jersey Boys film), but you have to love her energy, and as Lou Grant told Mary, her spunk! I imagine her as Pippy Longstockings without the red hair and freckles! Hahaha!! By the way, I like Mark’s idea of you 1 day doing a show with your mom!! As long as it wouldn’t require any tranquilizers later!!

  • Welcome back, welcome back welcome back (sung in my Mase voice). Missed you Janet and the JV club. I as well knew nothing about the guest, but was glad to find out more! Also listening to the holiday that Kimmy had sounds like the opposite of relaxing, but different strokes for different folk!

  • At time index 27:25, Kimmy says, “I knew there were, like, trannies up there and there were a lot of drug problems.” I was surprised, Janet, that you did not correct her instantly for saying this. “Tranny” is a slur for a transgender person. It is not okay to throw that word around anywhere, let alone on what I consider to be a feminist podcast. Also, associating trans people with criminal activities such as drug dealing is not doing anyone any favors. Please share these comments with your guest.