Episode 88

The JV Club

Hilda Rasula and Lorelei…

The JV Club #88: Hilda Rasula and Lorelei Butters

Episode 88’s guests Hilda Rasula and Lorelei Butters join Janet to talk about the new Mortified Nation documentary, boys in black lipstick, the perfection of avocados, and storyboarding to make your dreams come true. Plus, Jeremy Irons? Really?

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  • Goths….Totally agree…. I wouldn’t date a goth girl these days, however there is something very enticing about that look. Even when it’s subtle,…if I’m out & about and I see black clothes, or tattoos peeking from behind sleeves I might go out of my way to sneak a couple glances. I’m probably never going to out grow that instant feeling of “oh, this girl is an outlier, she will think like I do and we would totally get along”

    That being said you’ll forgive my purrs for the high school pics of Cara Santa Maria, and Christina Hendricks….

  • I have some very, very embarrassing stories/writings from when I was in high school with my unrequited obsessions.
    One time I gave this guy a letter saying something to the effect that he looked like a greek sculpture carved in marble. I’ve regretted it ever since ::hides face::

    I also did write poems about obsessions….never gave them. But I do still have them. I also had a series of letters that I wrote to this guy and I never gave them to him – and then I just had this notebook anthology called “Things I would never say”

    also, Janet, Malcolm McDowell as Alex in Clockwork Orange – yes, I get it! hahah

  • HIlda, Turkey. Yes. It’s beautiful there and hectic and lovely and full of awe and the people are so lovely and visiting is just an amazing experience. Definitely go!!

    Okay Janet, smart but low IQ. I’m so with you!! In Sense and Sensibility (also with you on the love for this movie) Emma Thompson mentions the differences in ages of Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman in the commentary. I decided I wanted to know their exact age difference. To do this, I went to imdb and looked up the date Sense and Sensibility was made. Then I looked up Kate Winslet’s birth date and find out how old she was when it was made and then I did the same process for Alan Rickman. And then I subtracted the two to see their age difference when it was filmed. And that’s how I found out their age difference.

    Hello?!?! I just could have looked at their two birth dates and subtracted from there instead of all that additional math rigmarole. And this isn’t a one-time incident. I do stuff like this all… the… time.

    I feel your pain. I so feel your pain.

  • Loved this episode! Imagine my surprise when not only my hometown was mentioned (Burbank) but also my old high school (John Burroughs). Even more so, when Lorelei mentioned she was in choir…I too was in choir, at John Burroughs…it was (and still) is a pretty big deal!

  • Love all the journal reading! My favorite quote from my journals- “I love being with my friends. I really feel closest to *name redacted* which kind of scares me. I care about her a lot. As for guys, I kinda dig the Jonas Brothers”- 12 year old me. Yet I was so shocked when I realized (a full 6 years later), that it is actually girls that I dig, not the Jonas Brothers. This quote is closely followed by the letters I wrote to my future husband, and the songs that me and aforementioned girl wrote and performed outside of Target.

  • Love love loved these comments. Joseph- you’re allowed. Nichole- greek statue! So cheesy! I love it! Dimitri- thanks! I can’t believe I’m nearing the 100th! Pj – I love it up there! Cathie- Amazing. Hilarious. Yes, I do stuff like that ALL THE TIME. My sister!! Alex – Choir Reunion!! Get on it! ;) Amy- The Jonas Brothers. Nuff said. Jenny- Jeremy Irons had it pretty good back then! Alec- that sounds lovely!!