Episode 86

The JV Club

Kate Flannery

The JV Club #86: Kate Flannery

Jump into your station wagon and buckle up for a ramble through the mind of the fantastic Kate Flannery (The Office) as she and Janet discuss flight simulators, the luck o’ the Irish, and the monumentally profound and dangerous influence of… the musical Annie.

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  • What an AMAZING episode!! FINALLY, someone talking my language!! I remember Chief Halftown and Al Alberts Showcase, and I always made fun of the kids who went on them (I never knew any, no type of bullying involved). One time in college there was this gorgeous girl who was frinds of a friend, and she had been on the show; I could not help myself, I HAD to make a joke!! Even as I was laughing I saw any interest she had in me disappear, but the laugh was worth it!