Episode 78

The JV Club

Lauren Ashley Bishop

The JV Club #78: Lauren Ashley Bishop

Pull off those white gloves and get down and dirty with cotillionairess Lauren Ashley Bishop (#nitTWITS) while she and Janet discuss the butterfly feeling of “limerence,” playing it safe (or boring?), and when real intimacy is created. If you’re not making out with someone to the tearjerker Last of The Mohicans by the time you finish this episode, we haven’t done our jobs.

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  • Good ol’ regional accents. I’m disappointed every time people can’t tell where I’m from just from my accent (now somewhat “neutralized”, I tend to overcompensate when I visit my hometown again). But I also come from one of those places where the accent doesn’t sound smart either.

  • I love how Lauren will stop in the middle of an explanation to deliver one liners with all the seriousness of someone who believes they are about to change your life.

    “they set up a garden, and people come in and….. They have an honor system.”

    I laughed heartily and secretly wished for Lauren to be in a 1980’s style action movie….. “Madam president, the alien terrorist cat people have taken the pentagon. “It’s time to put these cats down” :::Cocks a ludicrously large assault rifle:::

  • Wonderful talk! Loved learning about limerence, from what it means to the way it looks like a lime reference, and limes neve get their due! Wait – – – lime+due=Mountain Dew!! Let me live in the light of lime!!!

  • My accent definitely changes depending on who I’m talking to. I think the British comes out when I’m at work because I’m trying to be professional or whatever.

    Fascinating discussion on limerence! I always associate that feeling with being a teenager, and it’s so easy to judge myself if I still experience it as an almost-30 year old. Whenever I break up with someone and have some time by myself I always think “oh I’ve really grown from the time alone, next time I meet someone I’ll keep my head straight and not be so googly-eyed”, and then inevitably I always fall head over heels again! It was interesting to hear the perspective that maybe limerence isn’t something you ever totally ‘grow out of’ (and so you shouldn’t berate yourself for it) you just learn how to keep a better perspective at the same time as being head over heels. That ‘be kinder to yourself’ approach is always the trickiest to master.

    Swiss Family Robinson! I’ve lost count of the number of times I watched that as a kid.

  • Congrats on another great podcast Janet!greetings from ‘cold and rainy’ Huddersfield!
    Awesome podcast!full of laughter, singing and joy!!I found Lauren Ashley’s point of view about Southern life and values fascinating!plus I loved her funny voice ‘asides’
    Speaking of accents… I have always been fascinated with accents and dialect, primarily with AmericanEnglish & British English dialectology!…however, as a Spanish speaker living in England I find it very hard to a) understand regional accents and 2) to lose my Spanish accent when I speak in English, which basically sucks cuz i would love to sound less Spanish sometimes!
    I very much enjoyed the whole conversation about love, butterflies and Limerence!what a word!Limerence=word of the month and probably best feeling in the whole world!