Episode 60

The JV Club

Live from Bridgetown!

The JV Club #60: Live from Bridgetown!

Janet is joined by returning guest Natasha Leggero and first-time JV “Club Foot” Karen Kilgariff in this live recording from Portland’s terrifically fun Bridgetown Comedy Festival. Music! Hats! Eggs!

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  • Wonderful stuff (even if early on the “slience” of the audience in the recording does give it an odd feel); your banter onstage, Janet, is certainly Close Enough to standup. Is it ovary-busting in this case?

    Glad that, if one has to have an accident, that it was one that did relatively little damage, and I hope (and gather) none to you personally…clearly the Fates want you in the den, recording, rather than commuting to paid work…now if they are willing to pay bills, all will be fine…

  • I loved this episode so much! I was genuinely sad when it was over. I don’t know if it was the excitement of the festival or the live audience but there was so much energy going on; it was an especially fun listen.

  • (in the voice of a shlocky old-time comic:”You were sideswiped and rear-ended?!?! That sounds like my wife on our honeymoon! HEYYYOHHHHHH!!!” Of course I only joke because you are okay. i love the live shows. When you go out to Australia, are you banking shows to play while you’re gone, doing live show from Austrialia, taking a break? It’s okay to take a break sometimes, even if we miss you! (imagine me saying this holding a kitten and a puppy.)

  • ^ Scott B. your post was glorious… I can’t really follow that, but I will say (In the voice of Morgan Freeman? – since we are writing in voices now.) That seeing Janet live is always a cool change every now and then – even if the “fates” do want her confined to her “den”, as she seems want to crash “many of modes of transportation” into things. As much as I would be sad to have no podcast for a week – I think Janet deserves a break! (Imagine me saying this holding a kitten and smoking out of a pipe like Gandalf the grey?) – Sorry Scott I just really just copied your style.

  • I’m so glad you guys enjoy the live eps! I’d love to do them more often. I love “Juvies” and I love “Delinquents” too! I’ll list those on the intro. Regarding New Zealand, not to worry! I’ll have an ep or two banked so there won’t be an interruption!
    xoxox to youz guyz!