Episode 57

The JV Club

Lucy Davis

The JV Club #57: Lucy Davis

The world turns upside-down when guest Lucy Davis (original UK The Office) shocks Janet with the news that in Britain, blankets are called rugs. More startling revelations, hearty laughs, and shameless mutual Emma Thompson idol-worship round out Episode 57!

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  • Ah, the bittersweetness of the last days of summer before going back to school. I remember reading [i]Mafalda[/i] on the front porch, with the sun slowly setting…

  • Another great show! I’m so glad you mentioned “The World of Henry Orient”, it’s such an underrated film! it’s so rare to have a film where the main focus in on the friendship of 2 girls, not ‘2 girls with boyfriend trouble.’ I’m a guy, but I wish more women got to see this.

  • What a great episode! I love Lucy’s work but had never really heard her interviewed at all, and it’s such a nice surprise when people come across as great and down to earth.

    Maybe the rug thing is regional – I’m from London and we call them blankets! Since Lucy’s dad is from Birmingham maybe it’s a Northern thing to call it a rug? Those Northerners talk funny ;)

    I went to an all-girls private school until I was 13ish. In one way I got a really great education during that time, and I’m so grateful for that – I’m routinely reminded of that when I meet people who haven’t and realise how good I had it, educationally.

    There are definitely arguments for co-ed schools though – the pressure of the academics was pretty intense at private school, even as an 11 year old, and I’m not sure the same pressure would have been healthy for me if I had stayed on until the end of high school. I had friends who did and they found it pretty overwhelming. At my co-ed school I was able to have more of a balance with extra-curriculars because the academic pressure wasn’t as crazy. I also had absolutely NO experience with interacting with boys! I didn’t have brothers and didn’t know any boys my age, so when I went to co-ed school I essentially turned into a giggle machine who just had no clue how to talk to them! Man, what a dork!

    To be honest I found bitchiness about the same at private school and co-ed school. In my experience there was more passive aggressive fighting at private school (girls can be so judgmental of each other at that age) but then at co-ed school you have dramas over boys – it all balances out in the end!

  • Thanks for the comments, y’all! (Sometimes I like to throw a little “y’all” into my life.) I’m so excited someone else loves The World of Henry Orient. And Michael, I didn’t know that was Lucy’s dad, either! My sweet Juls, you know I always love any insight into coed vs. all-girls! xoxox

  • Im british and i live in london and ive always understood rug as being kept on the floor, and a blanket i would offer to a person, for example, not a rug, because…its kept on the floor. haha ironic indeed.