Episode 40

The JV Club

Vanessa Ragland

The JV Club #40: Vanessa Ragland

If a low-key conversational podcast episode can be described as zany and madcap, this might be that episode. Which is just a nice way of describing an oft-interrupted Episode 40 with the disarming, adorable Vanessa Ragland (Pop My Culture podcast), who takes it all in stride with Janet as they romp through a discussion about being the happy weird kid, ill-timed bathroom breaks, and oh-so-much-more.

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  • The best pizza I’ve ever had was just a crust, some olive oil and sauteed onions that were just BARELY turning sweet. If those alternacrusts are good, you should totally try it.

    Also, did the Wrinkle in Time books involve a part where the main characters traveled to a two-dimensional universe where they felt horribly crushed? I feel like I read them as a kid but can’t actually recall what they were about. :/

  • Moose is delicious. And Canada hasn’t been nice to refugees for years (thank you Harper’s Conservative government)…

    Anywho. Christmas ornaments: big important purchase every time anyone from my (immediate) family travels to a new place. Not only does our Xmas tree get ornaments from all over the world (well mostly North America and Europe), but it’s a nice way to remember all those trips every year. And, speaking of small, model things a model train is an essential part of said Xmas tree. It’s a toy for both grown-ups and kids, though back when we were kids, that train didn’t just go around the tree, in our imagination it came all the way from the North Pole and went back. We totally should have sued Chris Van Allsburg and Tom Hanks for copyright enfringement!

  • Janet – the stops/breaks in the podcast didn’t distract me at all.

    This was such a fun episode. I loved the Australian accents! Also, it’s such a joy listening to you laugh along with your guests.

    I’m so glad you are recovering/weren’t harmed too bad in your accident.

    As for the plumbing thing, we get roots in our plumbing every couple years, which leads to water in our basement. Our plumber has since scheduled a visit a year or so from now to be proactive about it.

  • Janet and Vanessa talking about rolling around on the floor and pee breaks is sooooo girly! And I say that as a huge compliment! It’s a refreashing break from the dick and fart jokes I usually listen to during the day.

  • Just listened to this. I never comment on podcasts– but this was maybe my favorite episode ever. Vanessa Ragland is so lovely and funny. Her MASH results were a wonderful episode ending.

    All the talk about Madeleine L’Engle made me so happy! I didn’t know anyone but me considered “A Wrinkle in Time” to be their bible! I read it first in 4th grade and continue to read it at least once a year and always have a nice copy in my apartment.

    PS it really is hard to have curly hair in middle school!! curly hair + no parental hair education + humid climate = an awkward mess.

  • Loved your shout out to your listener that wrote you about all their hard times. Very heartfelt and I just loved hearing it. Love your chem with Vanessa. I also listen to PMC and I think I need to officially declare myself a Vanessa Ragland fan! Thanks for the smiles :)