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The JV Club #33: Live at LA Podfest with Lizzy Caplan

Episode 33 was recorded live at the LA Podcast Festival on Saturday, October 13th and features the ridiculously cool Lizzy Caplan and the insanely talented Priscilla Ahn. You can expect references to nerdy apocalypse movies, boobs, and some surprising fantasy career choices (thanks to Lizzy). You can also expect gorgeous songs courtesy of Priscilla Ahn.

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  • i was lucky enough to be in the audience, and the whole show was so much fun. half way through I found myself sitting cross legged like i was i was in my friend’s living room. janet & lizzy were so comfortable and sweet. as far as priscilla, her voice is a little hypnotizing & i’m so grateful to have heard her live!

  • Great episode, gorgeous music! I’m surprised Janet didn’t jump more on their (it seems) shared history of being raised primarily by their dads and having similar “tomboy” sensibilities. I wouldn’t mind if Lizzy came back and expanded on some of that, and maybe played some Op Ivy for Janet :D

  • Well, further thanks, given the tumult of life these days (I can sympathize), for asking Caplan on for the first live show (and she was as impressive and witty as I expected…hey, Tunney’s character doesn’t put up too much nonsense on the ads for THE MENTALIST, either–writes the man who’s never watched it, great backyards or otherwise), and for hipping us (those of us unaware) to Ahn. That’s a voice.

  • Ahn’s reading of “When We Were Brittle” is indeed superb…thanks for commissioning it and sharing it, both of you.

    Hm…how do I know I read BUST and BITCH as well as having lived with women for most of my adult life? Because I suspect the “belts” (more a ’60s fade-out rather than ’70s, no?–that I don’t have any sense of) are mostly still used, in these post-adhesive pad years, by those who opt for reusable pads and menstrual cups…

    Further sympathies…being the tall boy in class didn’t make those of us who were feel at all awkward.

    Joe Biden…wow. Well, I think he’s available.

  • This was a great first live ep!

    Lizzy Caplan seems so great. I also really admired Robin Tunney in Empire Records mainly for being a badass and for shaving her head. Empire Records, Open til Midnight.