Episode 19

The JV Club

Grace Bonney

The JV Club #19: Grace Bonney

Janet’s extreme addiction to the much-lauded Design*Sponge is evident in Episode 19 with DS founder Grace Bonney, who pontificates on her erstwhile love of Phish, the satisfaction of abandoning Laura Ashley, and the glory of My So Called Life.

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  • What a great episode! I love Design*Sponge and it was wonderful to hear Grace’s story. I can definitely relate to the two first names thing (although my name also works reversed and people often think I’m a guy!) Grace’s artistic drive is so inspiring. Thank you Janet – I absolutely adore the podcast!

  • This was an awesome episode! Can you believe I had never heard of Design Sponge? Well I checked it out, and it’s great, and beautiful and inspiring. The show, as usual, was awesome and inspiring. (how many times can I say inspiring?) Well thanks Janet for another wonderful episode! Love this podcast :)

  • This is my first comment on this show but I had to for this episode.
    Grace Bonney was an inspiring guest. I can completely relate to teens who hate High School wanting to go to NYU since i am one of those teenagers. I was also really inspired by her thoughts on success in life.

  • I can sympathise with business guys who fight feel like they’d be floundering if they couldn’t hold onto their weird, abstract metrics, but it made my blood boil to hear about Grace being flat-out told that they’d rather talk to a Man.

    Stop making us look bad in front of the other genders, dudes.

  • Who knew Grace Bonney was punk as f*ck? I really identified with her because while I did have a group of friends, I never felt — and still kind of feel like I don’t have a group of friends with my weirdo set of interests. And I love that she is only a year younger than me, so she referenced a lot of music and when she liked that music. Great, great choice for an interview. I don’t have suggestions, but I love that you chose a woman who isn’t on TV or in movies. There aren’t a lot of venues for excellent interviews of women in other industries.