Episode 123

The JV Club

Boys of Summer: Graham Elwood

The JV Club #123: Boys of Summer: Graham Elwood

Surf’s up! Guest Graham Elwood (Comedy Film Nerds) puzzles over moralistic quandaries, zen and control, sports and feelings, and (gulp) the gluttony of a good buffet.

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  • Hi Janet! I hope I haven’t missed a mention somewhere, but before the Boys of Summer (Season 1) ends, I think it’d be super interesting if you interviewed your dad! Family interviews are unfailingly fun and he could provide some insight into both his and your adolescence. Just a suggestion, no charge :^)

  • Buffets are always tricky for us people with allergies. To minimize risk (of contamination particularly), it’s best to come in first when that’s possible… Great episode as always, I will have to listen to this episode again when I have more time.

  • janet, i think it’s amazing that you’re sponsoring someone in the US! it’s fantastic that you’re trying to help where you are, and it sort of avoids the western savior type deal.