Episode 117

The JV Club

Boys of Summer: Paul Gilmartin

The JV Club #117: Boys of Summer: Paul Gilmartin

The lightning-quick-minded Paul Gilmartin reunites with his Dinner and a Movie co-host for a frank discussion about the good and bad that shapes us, finding humor in darkness, and… Chaka Kahn.

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  • Very enlightening episode – I, too, am very glad that there are stories out there to let us know we’re not alone. Looking forward to checking out Mental Illness Happy Hour!
    One note, not meant as a criticism but maybe to get everyone to think about the words they use and how they can betray you sometimes: the first step to not objectifying women might be to stop calling them ‘females’ outside of a scientific context. Here’s a helpful article: 


    Nothing slight about this episode…after somewhat different but also too similar (if I think more) early experience to Paul’s (happily with someone not in the family, but a young woman sitter who was about 18 when I was five, who definitely enjoyed the messing with the mind as well and at least as much as the body over several weeks/couple of months), I can only add that it was possible to listen to/interact in conversation with one’s teen young women friends and Also hope (usually) in vain to get next to them.

  • I listened to quite a few episodes of Paul’s podcast a while back and they can be really useful and helpful in understanding and dealing with mental issues, but many episodes can be very dark and heavy, you have to be in a particular situation or state of mind to be able to bear them and appreciate them.

    I really enjoyed the contrasts of this episode. I think Paul may have to come back again next time there’s a Boys of Summer bout on the JV Club. Plus Janet and Paul’s deep friendship and openness with each other real make the episode come alive.