Episode 114

The JV Club

Boys of Summer: Greg Behrendt

The JV Club #114: Boys of Summer: Greg Behrendt

You knew this Boys of Summer episode was inevitable… so SWEATER UP! It’s the just-plain-awesome Greg Behrendt and his rugby-playing, alt-rock-discovering, girl-crazy younger self, all wrapped up in a quality cardigan and a good pair of Purcells.

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  • I love you GB.  Although you look like an arian nation wet dream you are talking about the white man holding people down. Your daughters are lucky to have such an evolved father to help them navigate their way through life.  XOXOXO

  • WWII is generally dated 1939 to 1945… The US didn’t join until December 1941, after Pearl Harbor. And there are plenty of ways to injure oneself on a piano, particularly a grand piano, but much fewer than in sports.

  • Before I looked at the comments and heard what it was exactly that he wrote, I was wondering what was this super controversial book was; I completely forgot “He’s Just Not That Into You”. How can any guy have a problem with it?!?! It speaks lots of honest truth about how guys think!! Oh you white men!!! (Fist shake!) 

  • such an amazing episode! agreed with all the commenters that the #yesallwomen discussion was fantastic. in general, it’s so nice to hear these thoughts verbalized and actually spoken out loud. greg seems like a fantastic feminist ally! 
    thank you for sharing, as always, janet! 

  • I love everything that was discussed here from your conversations about movies to the feminism and truth bombs and just every was great. I’m a Greg Behrendt fan now and regret not being one before! Love this episode.